Praise Lord Jesus Christ for His breath and His anointed life, His eternal life.

On Sunday, a church in our region, which we have been visiting the bookshop for the last few years, we were told, was anointed with His living breath and received His prophetic mantle last sunday. It did not just fall on the few but fell on the whole congregation.

We are praising Him, that His church received of His anointed breath, that He touched this congregation, not just for the congregation, but also because this will help to meet our need in the area for His anointed people to go out and do His ministery and Kingdom work. This area we have been in and helping Lord Jesus Christ, is important to Australia and the light of His life to flow forth through and out of. But this area has also been a part of the forgotten in our nation, but not forgotten to Lord Jesus Christ.

We are praising Him and are so grateful and thankful for this is also the church that Lord Jesus Christ will also be sending people out of with the mission of the seventy, and right, now our cup is running over, because there was such need for people to go out and do His ministery, because this area's fields are very ripe for the Harvest. And in past years our harvest fruit fell, but they multiplied and now this year it will be harvested.

Praise Lord Jesus Christ also for His much needed rest.

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Mother Serenity Grace
Homeheart Ministery
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1