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Hello Beck.

The seven heads are seven fallen angel kings who joined the Dragon to fight against the holy host of Heaven....

Revelation 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
While I would not totally disagree. I only think that could be said in an metaphorical way rather than literal. I don't believe that there is an actual red dragon with seven heads. To me that is only a symbol of the seven 'nations' mountains that come from the deepths of darkness of not understanding the God of Israel. These nations bring with them 'false gods' which the woman (harlot) joins herself to them which is committing fornication. That is becasue she is Israel and in joining (marrying / sexual relationship ) riding the beast which have other gods has thus committed fornication.

As mentioned the mountains are spoken as if they represents seven different kingdoms (nations) which have seven different kings. Which five have fallen (Egypt, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Seleucid) and that one is (Rome) and that the seventh when he comes to be only for a short time (kingdom of darkness/Abaddon).

Lets us also acknowledge that when the bible translate the word 'Melek'it means king, but thats not the case. Melek is to mean royality rather than king or kingship. As to note that the ten horns are ten kings (melek) which should been ten royalites that have no kingdom. This is one reason that Abaddon (Satan) king of the bottomless pit which is'nt a real person, but a symbol of the darkness of not knowing the true God of Israel. The kingdom that he rules over is one of locust and scorpions those are desciptions of false teachers that come upon the land and hurt those men that have not the seal of God. Why? Becasue those that have the seal are not deceived by their lies and deceptions that come out of their mouth. (Rev.9:19)

Only supernatural beings such as fallen angels (demon spirits) are able to fly in Heaven to fight against the spirit saints....

I tell you the answer to a mystery,the seven heads after being defeated in Heaven and cast down to the Earth arise again by taking on the form of humans,and so appearing as normal looking people.Do not under estimate the power of evil's ability to perform similar miracles as the Messiah did. For the Messiah who was a spirit did come in the form of flesh,being born of a woman. So to the seven heads entering into the world do so in the same manner by being conceived in women and so are born as normal looking human babies. They are of the Fourth Beast Kingdom which is far more diverse than the three previous Beasts mentioned in Daniel 7:1-6
That sound supernatural, but as I ponited out that's not the case.