'The Other Gods', by Bob Smith

Let me set the record straight about the other gods...
Could they all be somewhat right? Do you know the odds?
Do liars sometimes tell the truth, is gravity a fact?
Listen carefully to learn: It's the logic that they lack!

Don't tread upon the Bible; our forefathers knew it well,
And framed the Constitution based on the truth it tells.
Of course the Law came first, so we'd know about refrain,
Without it there would be no cops, and calamity would reign.

Then came the Law of Liberty, the new Covenant of His Love,
To teach about forgiveness, and of the Good News from above.
Tempering the legal Law with Judges wise discretion...
So Children would become Adults who make the right confession.
That God was not endeavoring to spoil the "Children's" fun,
He was being a good parent, explaining how the race is run.

So we started as a nation ruled by "what is written",
But now ungodly Judges rule, and it surely isn't fitten.
What lunacy to outlaw the cornerstone of Scripture!
Now the structure's falling down--is that a pretty picture?

On hands and knees, over broken glass, they'd crawl for such a prize...
When all they really have to do, is commence to realize...
God is not a man to lie, and Jesus is his son,
If the gods are really legion, would you suggest another one?


"By two it's established", Gen41:32, and this applies to the God of the Bible, and the "god of this world", 2Cor4:4. Just the two. What about Dagon, Molech, Ashtaroth, Tammuz, Baal, etc? They aren't real but only graven images or impersonators of Satan. How intelligent people could bring themselves to kiss or bow down to objects carved by mortals is one of life's great mysteries. This poem aims at the fallacy and idiocy of giving lip service to the God of the Bible, while at the same time excluding it from school rooms. Not only is our nation filled with modern Pharisees and Sadducees who don't understand the true meaning of Scripture, but now we have the Advocates of Baal who would have us believe in another God or that all gods are equal. For shame!