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Hi dux,

Okay, so he didn't mention your more than slightly oblique hobbyhorse, but there was much to be learned from his research, wasn't there?

What did you catch from it? (More than the pix, I hope!)

Remember, you entitled the thread GROUNDHOGS? Do groundhogs have anything whatever to do with Leviticus 12? C'mon... they do not!!!

hobbyhorse?? What's that about?

Groundhog, Gopher, rodent, etc. We called 'em "Prairie dogs" and the pics of their communities very similar. He did a nice job of applying scripture at pertinent points.

I'm not that much into Hebrew, but "adar" sounds like the 12th month to me (or 2nd twelvth month). Surprised me almost as much as when I first learned of the timing connection between Groundhog Day and Lev12, because I'd always thought that occasion was pure nonsense.