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    GMO Scientists transgress Spiritual Law

    Recently we reported on American scientists releasing killer mosquitos in Florida, now the Brits are at it. The Daily Mail ask 'Why are British scientists playing God by breeding genetically modified mosquitos? Are we prepared for the consequences?"

    Oxitec is a British bio-research company that pioneers new methods of fighting the deadliest killers mankind has ever known: malaria. No coincidence then that the disease is connected to Ancient Egypt, does it remind you of the biblical plagues in the time of Moses?

    The report shares with us that 'Genewatch put up fear about the Asian Tiger Mosquito' that spreads the Malaria, and Oxitec are transgressing the Spiritual to combat the 'fear' that has been co-created.

    If I remember correctly prior to going to Egypt I had to take malaria tablets. So if we already have a prevention method to defend the people from Malaria, why play with nature that always backfires on man? Oxitec exist to make money, and the only way that this type of bio-research can justify genetically modifying the insects is if 'fear' is raised.

    No surprise then that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are in the frame and they have funded such research. Jeremy Irons and Annie Lennox also campaign on behalf of the Global Fund. As such, they shall be judged for the following:

    1. Funding research that transgresses the spiritual law of God.
    2. Funding research that transgresses the law of natural selection.
    3. Funding research that transgresses the natural environment and the eco-system of the planet.

    Well we have news for the scientists, the people are not buying into any 'fear based' methodology anymore. The people are becoming dauntless, and more and more are accepting natural selection. If people travel to countries that have tropical diseases, then they have to be prepared in advance, simple as that. However, there are some scientists that purposefully bring insects that create tropical diseases into this country. So how did the Asian Tiger Mosquito get into the UK then? The article doesn't say.

    Then there is another story of how the Chinese Beetle, a tree killer poses the biggest threat to woodlands since Dutch Elm disease in the 1970's. Its called the great invasion. Now we know that the British government would like to create new communities and to do that they would have to get rid of trees that the British public would never agree to. So is it possible that the British Government is instrumental in ensuring that trees are destroyed by tree killer beetles? I wouldn't put it past them, successive British governments have sold everything that belongs to the British people, and they are running out of things to sell. Hence why they're even prepared to sell your medical records to the corporations.

    Oh and they've sold the Olympic Village to Qatari as well.

    As far as the GMO scientists are concerned, heavy, heavy karma. You shall be judged by the LORD God almighty.




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    Who made a monkey out of you?

    I bought a book recently. It was written jointly by a group of enthusiastic followeres of Charles Darwin. The cover shows an ape with an abacus and Darwin's head. The title is 99% ape. How aqppropriate that is . I can just see Darwin looking in the mirror and mumbling, 'ninetynine percent ape and one percent donkey'. The sub title is ; 'How evolution adds up'. I will come back to had up later. In the flea market I bought a paper weight. It was in the form of a sea urchin, three and a half inches across and one and a half inches high. Closer inspection showed it to be a fossil sea urchin. At some time in its adult life it had suffered a trauma to the thin shell. There was a crack from the centre to the edge. The injury had healed completely. Just before it died it had suffered another injury. In total about one square centimetre of shell was broken away, Exposing the soft tissue beneath. I am almost certain that a miracle happened then. The urchin was buried and the soft tissue was fossilised. It is an awkward shape to get under the microscope , but I managed it. Where the soft tissue would be I found a dozen or more concentric circles , reminiscent of the ends of veins about the thickness of a horse hair . The urchin has the typical markings like a five rayed star fish: These continue underneath but there they are indented.. Another unusual feature about this urchin is that it has an aperture from the crown to the edge of the shell. This is not a trauma , but a functional part of the living animal. Now back to the book for a minute . Every page is full of ifs, ands , buts and possibles and maybes. It is full of conjecture , supposition and speculation. Not one definitive fact to establish any proposition. It is quite obvious that these people can't add up. We will give the Darwinians the benefit of the doubt. Let us suppose that the blue green algae appeared in the primordial sea one thousand million years before the Cambrian period began. How many accidental, incremental, beneficial changes in D.N.A. Are required to produce a fully functional sea urchin by the beginning of the Cambrian period?. The answer is ; Millions. There just is not enough time for it to happen. Suppose that it happened every thousand years. ( that is the equivalent of the speed of light.) and every one was successful and proliferated exponentially . In that case the result would be obvious in the fossil record. The echinoderms appears in the Cambrian suddenly . FULLY FORMED AND FUNCTIONAL. The rocks are recognised and their age determined by the fossils found in them . It is always the same. Vast swathes of species are obliterated and huge numbers of different animals appear. Each one perfectly adapted to the new and different environment. The writers trumpet the study of D.N.A. But fail (conveniently) to mention the role of R.N.A. Now D.N A . Is either accidental or structured . It can't be both . The fact that its structured has been proved and that proves that the Darwin theory is crap. . Now , as a matter of interest let us have a look at the structure of the geological periods and the time they spanned. These are not accurate figures but rounded for the sake of clarity.

    Millions of years

    Precambrian 3,000
    cambrian 70
    ordovician 65
    silurian 40
    carboniferous 50
    permian 60
    triassic 50
    jurassic 40
    cretaceous 55
    palaeocene 70
    eocene 10
    olgocene 17
    [miocene ]
    [pleistocene] 20 I consider these four divisions to be arbitrary and so have lumped the together
    Notice how the periods get shorter. This structure has continued from the beginning of time. . There is no logical reason to assume that the sequence has ended just because we are here . Another catastrophic change is due.

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