Frightened Simon Cowell
After the 'dream of the director' the LORD said 'They are frightened'. [1] In that post it mentioned that a relationship would not work out and it also mentioned Simon Cowell. Recently, Simon announced that his relationship had not worked out with his fiance.

Well Simon is in the news again today, this time, a 29 woman frightened him when she broke into his house. [2] He is right, it is another warning to Simon Cowell. However, it is not about the amount of security, it is about doing the will of the LORD our God.

The woman was 29 years old and 29 is the number of 'grace under pressure'. The LORD's grace is under pressure as such the LORD God is putting Simon Cowell under pressure to do his will.

First the break up, then the break in.

Teshuvah Simon Cowell, teshuvah

The biblical prophecies are clear, in the law of the prophets you must put food in this house. The LORD God asks where is the house that you shall build for me?

The LORD also said 'televised', 'STARS SHOW'. [3]

Well Simon Cowell has a stars show and it is televised.