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Well, technically, the names of those books start with numbers. But ignoring that, the pattern doesn't work in Greek because Thesalonians begins with a Theta whereas Timothy and Titus begin with Tau. If the Latin alphabet had different letters for Th and T we wouldn't see the pattern in English. So it looks like just a coincidence that happens to be seen in English. And more significantly, what do those books have to do with the theory that there were five crosses?

As for the 5 chapters of Lamentations - only the first four are accrostic. And what does the number of chapters in Lamentations have to do with your theory?
Roger the numbers... and no significance; just a parallel to the number five.. like the 5 damsels of Abigail or the 5 foolish virgins... ha.

Samo, samo, for Lamentations: similar to the human hand with the thumb as chapt. 5. Middle finger would be the 66 verses in chapt. 3. !!
Thanks for your input. Blessings!