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I've been following this thread for a while now because I'm interested in Vernon's work. This thread is going nowhere, and no one's learning anything from it.

Sylvius, I don't understand what you're trying to say at all, mate. English might not be your first language, in which case I commiserate with you. No disrespect intended, but your methodology with numbers is way out there, buddy. I can see you've been really getting worked up. Take it from a third party, you're just not making any sense with your retorts. Lay it to rest and let's get some positive energy going.

Richard, I can see you're trying really hard not to bring out the feist. Maybe you also need to hear that this is going nowhere and no one's getting anything of value from it. The best thing for this thread is to shut it off before it descends into out and out name-calling.

Hi Stephen,

Good advice. Thanks for your comments. I knew it wasn't going anywhere, but I really wanted to give sylvius a chance to explain himself and interact with rationality and mutual respect before excluding him from the forum. Unfortunately, he only became more and more irrational, and didn't have the common decency to explain his rude accusations with more than a few sentence fragments. This gave me the impression that he really didn't care whether or not he was understood; an attitude very corrosive to the quality of an internet forum. He placed the final straw on this camel's back when he became belligerent about misunderstandings he caused by the incoherency of his own posts.

This thread is now closed.