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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesla View Post

    Tesla was a Christian who studied and respected other religions. He has stated categorically at several points in his life that he was a Christian. IF Jesus was The light of the world, who then would bring light to the world ? ... a Jew ? a Muslim ? a Hindu ? an atheist ? It could only have been a Christian.

    Lots of info on Tesla on the internet ... nothing in the schools or textbooks.

    Youtube has many videos on Tesla ... here's a link to 1 of 4 parts.
    Thanks for the link to the info on Tesla Tesla!

    I hope to find a little time to dig in this weekend.

    Talk more soon,

    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

    Check out my blog site

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeweledpastor View Post
    I recently heard a statement that was given as scientific fact, but with no frame of reference to check it. The statement was this (or something very close to this). "Science has recently discovered that at the center of protons and neutrons (the smallest particles of matter) is sound."

    Sound emanates from the center of the proton or neutron?
    Does sound emanate from the center of the universe of our solar system too?
    Some folks suggest all SS (solar systems) have BLACK Holes.
    And the Chandra radio telescope/microphone DID record a sound that was 57 octaves below middle 'C'.
    Any idea what that means?

    I asked myself an obvious question one day.
    I asked myself where is the SOUND component in the Big BANG theory?
    That question was the entry into an amazing world, that focuses on LIGHT but ignores SOUND.
    Yup the wanker scientist ignores SOUND, ignores the ineffable name of g_d, the unpronouncable name of Y_HV_H, the expert scientist has no interest in investigating what g_d whispered into Mary's get her pregnant?
    OR should I say Aum or Om?

    My research has yielded much much TRUTH, and it is very apparent to me that bible folks have much difficulty comprehending, and following along, with TRUTH.
    Why is that?

    Above we see the propagation of a longitudinal non-electromagnetic SOUND wave on a 2D grid. And beside it is a FLAT 2D representation of the same thing, a flat plate from Samarra Iraq, 4900 BC.

    Now the opening post discusses SOUND emanating from the CENTER, correct?
    Take a close look…you will see a Maltese cross emanating from the center of the grid image!!
    go here for more profound illuminations:

    The TRUTH is accessible.
    All you need to open your minds to a history that is 7000 years old.
    You control the light switch.


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    p.s. the human, we are comprised of about 75% water

    what happens when you fill a Tibetan singin' bowl with water and start to rub its 'shell'?
    does the human have a shell?
    does this video hint at how you might turn water into wine?

    what would happen if you started drinking this energized water?



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    Hello Everybody,
    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but I have been meaning to get around to posting a thread on some of the little known facts in the bible having to do with sound and music and find it interesting that this thread was re-vived on the 21st, the same day I wrote my post on zaw-mar in the "biblical studies" section. I honestly did not know this thread existed. People have a strong attraction to certain sounds that we consider 'beautiful' and also to beautiful sights, such as the "earthquake rose" and the patterns found in some of the other posts. I live in a mountainous region and enjoy beauty all around me throughout the year. But as Christians, in addition to knowing by Whom all of this beauty is created, it is wise for us to also know by whom this whole creation has been twisted, and how far.

    Music is one area where there is a lot of scriptural testimony which has been "lost in translation". Couple that with our natural desire to ignore anything that speaks badly about something we enjoy and it is easy to understand why very few bible teachers teach the Hebrew and Greek meanings and associations of musical terms in the scriptures. There are a lot of slights given to music in the original languages of the bible, but one of the main ones are the words used to denote musical instruments.

    flute ~ mash-roke ~ from a root meaning "to be shrill, whistle or hiss"

    harp ~ kin-nor ~ from an unused root meaning "to twang"

    pipe ~ kaw-leel ~ "to profane something, or something that is profane.
    From kal-awl to bore a hole through, to wound,
    break one's word, to pierce to death"

    horn ~ keh-ren ~ from kaw-ran meaning "to push with the horn,
    also 'rays' of light radiating forth"

    trumpet ~ sho-far ~ "from 8231 in the sense of 'incising' - a coronet
    or trumpet ( as giving a clear and sharp sound)

    violin ~ neh-bel ~ "wilting, also a wineskin (as wilting when empty),
    a vase (same shape as a wineskin), a violin (as being
    the same shape also). Empty wineskins and vases
    were associated with witchcraft since those who
    practiced it would have an assistant hide and speak
    into them to create an eerie echo and fool the client
    into thinking they were talking to the dead. Nabal is
    a related word meaning "empty-headed or fool".
    Also neb-ay-law "a flabby thing" (carcass)

    timbrel ~ tofe ~ "to drum or smite" Related to infamous Tophet, and also
    related to tawf-fas, the word that describes Jubal's
    illegal "playing" of instruments in Genesis 4:21 Tawf-fas
    is never used in a good sense in all of scripture.

    psaltery ~ kel-ee ~ "something prepared i.e. any apparatus (as a dress,
    implement, vessel,weapon, or instrument"

    zithar ~ saw-bek-aw ~ "to entwine, fold or wrap up" Related to seb-aw-kaw,
    meaning "a network", or in hunting "a snare".
    Rebekah's name (rib-bek-aw) has a similar meaning of
    "to fetter" but by beauty.

    organ ~ oo-gab ~ "a reed instrument" - from aw-gab meaning "to breathe
    after, i.e. love sensually".

    miz-more ~ psalm ~ "instrumental music; a poem set to notes" From root
    word zaw-mar, meaning "to trim a vine (through striking
    off a limb), to strike the strings or other parts of an
    instrument, to play or make music along with the voice,
    to celebrate with song and music".

    musical instrument ~ dukh-av-veh ~ "from root word dakh-akh meaning
    "to push down". "a musical instrument
    (from striking across the strings)"

    cymbal ~ tsawl-tsal ~ "a clatter (of the 'vibration' of a bronze or iron plate)
    From a root meaning "to tumble down, settle by a wavy
    motion, to have the ears redden with shame, or teeth
    chatter with fear".

    The Greek words having to do with musical instruments are no kinder than the Hebrew ones listed here, but I don't have time to type them all out right now. There is also a long list of unsavory characters in the bible who are associated with music or who have musical roots for their names. Cain is the first, but there are many others, with Judas being a close match conceptually with Cain. I have put together a paper on what I have learned about musical references in the bible and the implications involved. When I get a chance I will re-format the parts that seem to get jumbled up when I copy and paste it to a different size page and post it in a new thread. I won't have time to respond to all of the feedback that will probably be generated, but maybe it will prompt some to take a more critical look at how the bible treats music.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Silence View Post
    I won't have time to respond to all of the feedback that will probably be generated, but maybe it will prompt some to take a more critical look at how the bible treats music.

    Chris you should find this book interesting then.
    Exactly what you are discussing.
    Where music, myth and math collide.

    Myth of Invariance

    by E.G. McClain

    I am ploughing through it right now.


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    Sound waves may drive cosmic structure



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    This certainly is a facinating topic! How about the "Song of the Lord"? Does anyone have any thoughts on what it might be?
    I recently discovered that the gematria value for "The Key of David" is 528 which is also the number of vibrations of high C.
    Both the Sun, which is symbolic of the Bridegroom and music, are related to the number 11..The sun has an 11 year cycle and the vibrations between a note, and the note itself, vibrate in cycles of 11.
    528..the KEY and high C, divided by an octave 8 = 66..the number of books in the Bible .
    Here is an interesting site on other patterns found in the bible such as the Fibonnaci sequence, phi, pi etc. and how they relate to music:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathryn View Post
    This certainly is a facinating topic! "The Key of David" is 528
    I am drowning in 528, scroll down the margin on the right.
    Many posts re: 528 and 1258 and 11258.
    All related.

    I was born at 5:28 am.

    Quote Originally Posted by kathryn View Post

    Here is an interesting site on other patterns found in the bible such as the Fibonnaci sequence, phi, pi etc. and how they relate to music:
    that is a very good site.
    I have others.

    this is one I attend to personally:
    where I show DIRECT correlations between the bible and phi.



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    sound in matter?

    You have been discussing wether the most basic paricle in matter is sound? In Gen.1;1 it says "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Then in Jn.1'1 it says "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."
    So therefore the word, which is "sound" was with God when he created earth. This sort of goes along with the idea of sound being the basic building block of matter.(earth) Then it says in Gen.1;3 " God said, let ther be light; and there was light." So again creation is caused by speaking. Is this sound creating matter? dan b

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    Not from this world...from the other side
    I believe the sound was divine sound and not the sound that we know of because sound do not travel in a vacuum, what more the vacuum of space. BTW soundwave is a wave energy in frequency and it reminds me of another theory which is the frequency theory as opposed to atomic theory of matter. Therefore, I think there is some truth that divine sound is the most basic particle in matter used in creation.

    For more on the frequency theory please see:

    Many Blessings.

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