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    Serenity Grace Guest


    Hello Family in Christ,

    Sorry did not introduce ourselves sooner. At times we are blind, deaf and mute for Him so in His focus everything else just blends away, but He reminds me what needs to be done.

    We are Lord Jesus Christ, David Samuel and Mother Serenity Grace Abraham.
    And we come from Him and r in NSW Australia.

    About us, Lord Jesus Christ has closed the door on our past life, and it is about to be closed in this earth, yay....the world hasn't wanted to let us go, but He wins every time. My son and I are the we of Lord Jesus Christ and Homeheart Ministeries. We may be little in number, but we have a mighty God, Husband, Father who is head of our home, ministery, church lives. What He says goes. We also operate as a full scale ministery and belong to His Kingdom. Where we have been with Lord Jesus Christ is being in every part of His body, and seeing how these parts operate and their functions and how they work together or suppose to be, along with His Kingdom witness and workings and in a loving relationship with my beautiful husband and father, Lord Jesus Christ. If there are problems we surrender to His solutions and He always flows through, the problems and blocks flow away in the light and love of Him.

    We also are in His Kingdom workings, our focus is on Israel, Zion, Body of Christ, His Kingdom and beyond, plus our family church and home, reconciling grace and revival and 1,000 years of peace and the new Jerusalem and He makes everything new what we are bringing forth in the next two years. Am one of His Kingdom birthers.

    Lord Jesus Christ showed me the truth four years ago and rescued us, and showed us about satan and his workings and influence I was so mad and had enough, we put on Lord Jesus Christ's armour and joined Lord Jesus Christ in duking it out with satan, his evil forces and whatever he threw at us, we also went behind enemy lines and infiltrated, and he was cast down in our lives this year in February...then our family in Chrsit entered into what we have come out of and they will do mighty in Him.

    We got a no you don't satan, had a gutful of the evil, the secret brotherhood/s, the occultic, new age, eastern religions, christian cults and cults, pharasees, sauddecees, essenes, and the wolves in sheep's clothing, etc...and tell you the truth, we love to spoil the plans of the enemy, he has been ruining our lives and plans enough. And we have gone into different towns etc...and joined Lord Jesus Christ and gave Him complete control and way to be who He wanted to be through us. Whatever He wanted to flow through we surrendered to, Whoever He wanted to touch was touched, we also prepared, sowed, watered, pruned etc...for the harvest etc. We also could not get the help and resources we needed, or people to come into our fields, so we just got off our behinds and just went for it. All while we are meant to be in His rest, which can appear like a contradiction. He then spoke done, for this region and nation, nations what we had to do, was accomplished through Him, now we are surrendered to experiencing the fruits of His works and blessings and delight in praising Him and joining Him in His teaching ministery, being the calm teacher and peaceful warrior.

    Also groups and me have never mixed. Don't like them, don't like forums, because of past abuse and because of the wolves in sheep's clothing, that abuse you behind the scenes and break hearts. Also don't like the shepherds that allow the wolves to come in and have a field day with Lord Jesus Christ's flocks, and also like it when people go to our Lord Jesus Christ go and complain about us, or have a go at us, because it means we are going to be strengthened and our gifting increased and expanded. However we love His fellowship and pure fellowship and have been waiting for our family to fellowship with. And it is time for His Kingdom fellowship and He has given us the right hand of fellowship to extend to others and have them extend that to us.

    Also we write long, because this is what we come with. We flow forth what is needed, and it comes with His flow. It is like trying to block up a bursting dam at times, however He regulates the flow. And we are also preparing for the time we are going to be writing books for Him. Which I would love to do now, however not yet, we are also surrendering to our ministery being established and our joining up with our family.

    If there is something that annoys you about us, go to Him in prayer, however he uses ourways, and what people have perceived as annoying are the endearing quirks Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us with. And if you need to share something with me that you find annoying please do, you will probably find it has annoyed us too.

    Also my son and I have disabilites, however we have surrendered them to Lord Jesus Christ's Kingdom. He has brought us into healing the multitude and the long term, chronic etc...with what He is bringing forth, His tree of life by His river of Life. We have seen what He does and asks us to do, then He moves, wow, could not possibly do in a life time what He can do in a moment in a twinkling of His eye. He gets the praise and we get the rest we need along with the joy.

    We have been one of the most rejected, unaccepted, unloved, thrown out and away people you could imagine, when He started with us, and when He gave us our anointing and gave us His mission, I told him no one listens to me, and He told me back, they don't listen to me half the time either.

    We also don't share anymore about our disabilities, because people can not see Lord Jesus Christ's glory. He takes the dis away and they become Kingdom abiliites, capabilities and possibilities, which means the miraculous. Our internal disabiliites surrendered to Lord Jesus Christ means we have a heightened and deepened sensitivity, awareness, vigilance etc...we can sense what others can't, no matter how minute it is, and we can get stressed out very easily, but He is helping us deal with that. However it makes it difficult to live in the different environments, because sin, iniquity, transgression and evil also can make us sick, along with different chemicals, perfumes etc.... We need lots of rest and that is why He gave us His resting place ministeries, however in Him He covers that as needed and in His covering we can do His ministery and Kingdom workings too. His name He gave me Serenty Grace is His gift to me, and when He gave me this name, I was the most stressed out wreck of a person you could invision. And for me to be Serenity Grace, is the Souveriegn Glory and Grace of Him that He gives to us, but also to our family in Christ and what we bring into His body....

    I also spend majority of time fellowshipping with Lord Jesus Christ and my son, and draw close to His throne, love listening to Him and He always wows, us, surprises us, lets us know what He is doing and we trust where He places us. We have been part of His sent ones and we are coming into our place where we can now rest and have people come and visit when He does this. But first before that happens our runied home needs to be restored and then we need to move to our new home which is going to be a miracle because that is what it is going to take.

    May His peace be with you all,

    Advancing Christ's Kingdom

    Mother Serenity Grace
    Homeheart Ministeries
    His eternal love is in our home and home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1
    Last edited by Serenity Grace; 11-10-2007 at 10:17 PM.

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