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Hi Rick,

I'm curious, how can you make the absolute statement that God exists? What proof do you have?

It seems you don't have any more proof that God exists, than atheists who say God doesn't exist.

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Rose, really? In any court of law, a verdict demands evidence. It is no different in the world of philosophy. Evidence of a creator by virtue of design is increasing with each new advance in science. The closer we examine creation, the more intricate detail we see.

Put that on a scale of justice next to the evidence for time+matter+chance. Do you see a balance?

Of course, I hear that there is still a "Flat Earth" society, the members of which still hold that the idea of a spherical earth is nothing more than a huge conspiracy perpetrated by globalists. What's curious is that as the evidence continues to mount against them, the reasoning they cling to becomes more absurd with each passing satellite.

God needs no man to prove His existence. The evidence is everywhere the open mind is willing to look, and it will continue to mount. I would hope you agree.