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    Is there a bible site where you can search the hebrew or greek word and it shows you where to find in the Masoretic or Textus Receptus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilgal View Post
    Is there a bible site where you can search the hebrew or greek word and it shows you where to find in the Masoretic or Textus Receptus?
    Yes, you can search by Strong's numbers using the Bible Database on my site and find every occurrences of any Greek or Hebrew word. But if you want to search the actual forms of the Greek and Hebrew words, you'd probaby want to buy some software like BibleWorks which is what I use. It's very powerful and very useful for indepth studies of the original languages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM View Post
    The "reptilian" part of the so-called "triune brain" is located in the center of the brain, right by the brain stem, not in the back:
    Attachment 92
    I associate the "cry" (q'ra) and call (qol) aspect of Quph with the primal physicality of that letter - the "apelike" aspect of our fleshly existence. But this needs to be articulated better. It's not that clear to me right now.

    As for the "running" aspect - that is from the root qal (swift, light of foot). I don't really know if that can be "explained" - it's just a fact of what I found in the Bible.
    Hi guys,
    Your cut-away of the brain, side view is the exact image that I think of when I think of Qoph. The back of the skull and the brainstem and middle brain areas are all shown in the letter as a picture form.



    Qoph is the voice of Holiness. There's a lot more to that statement than
    meets the eye. In one verse in Isaiah, it talks about how the seraphim call
    one to another (ZH AL-ZH) or thing to thing, subject to subject. The word
    'call' is QRA, which might be transliterated as keraw. It is a summoning, a
    proclamation, and a crying out... as well as an encounter. In the language
    of dreams, two people or a group of people may be represented as a single
    bird. Now, despite the fact that these people are separate and have
    different physical forms on this plane, at that particular level, they are
    the same. They are one bird. I spoke in Tzaddi of learning to speak in the
    language of Omens and Auguries, but now we see what this produces in
    practice. This is the level of Yetsirah, and it's true nature. It is the
    aggregate of all of our symbolic natures. I say natures and not language to
    indicate that this is not necessarily all man-made. We do not know what
    effect other denizens of the cosmos may have on this world of symbols. And I
    believe that this level was first emanated from a Creator, not simply an
    emanation from below.

    The vast number of symbols, the dense nature of this symbolic realm of
    Yetsirah makes it easy to miss the forest for the trees. For us, I'd say
    that it is our link to the Source of All Things. The letter Qoph is said to
    be a man praying (the lower part, a Vav) to God (the upper part, a Resh). If
    we look to the gematria value of Qoph, 100 could be seen as a nullification
    of Yetsirah and Assiah, and seeing the One through the lens of Beriya. What
    does this mean though?

    There seems to be a questing, or seeking nature within man that awakens when
    he is no longer hungry, sex-starved, or in need. There seems to be an
    artificial sense of need that cannot be quenched, not by anything other nor
    truly by anything within. It may be satisfied but for awhile, yet it always
    rekindles itself even stronger than before. It is here that the spiritual
    journey begins. When one has found the source, it is beyond his
    understanding, and hints at its nature through signs and symbols. The
    seeking leads sometimes through dangerous paths, sometimes through peaceful
    meadows. But there comes a point in the seeking when it is realized that the
    seeker has not gone anywhere. The symbols were the objects that composed his
    life from before, and nothing new was truly introduced. The symbolic and the
    concrete have negated each other, and like the pillars of the Moon card they
    merely demarcated a path through which one needed to pass, so as to see the
    Creator through his Creation. Beriya as I understand it is the Created
    Realm, and it is the level where symbols and signs themselves can be seen as
    equally existent with physical objects. The artificial need described at the
    beginning of this paragraph can be seen as the dogs, the primal urges that
    drive us forward into the search. The moon can represent the reflected light
    of Beriya (in the Four Worlds diagram, I think only Atziluth experiences the
    direct Light of God), as it descends into Yetsirah and Assiya.

    So I guess it means that this is the way in which we learn to call to our
    Creator in the best way we know how. We begin by crying out, "Abba!" or
    "Ama!" but as we progress we learn that our Creator has other names, and we
    learn them, not to gain control through divine names, but as we might wish
    to learn about someone we love, like a lover or a friend. In Qoph, as stated
    before, the Vav is below, because the 'motivation' from below is that of a
    human desire for union. The motivation from above though is that of Resh,
    the circle emanated out from a point, wherein God seeks to further define
    Himself through self-experience. It is at this place (Maqom - MQVM), that
    Ezekiel and Isaiah had their visions. This is the Throne of Glory, or in the
    midst of the Temple, the place where we see the glory of the three worlds,
    and we say Holy, Holy, Holy (QDVSh), is the Lord God Almighty (YHVH
    TzBAVTh), who was and is and is to come.

    [Note: I'll include the english text of Isaiah 6:1-3 (NIV for readability)
    for comparison -
    1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high
    and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. 2 Above him were
    seraphs, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with
    two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying. 3 And they were
    calling to one another:

    "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
    the whole earth is full of his glory." ]


    Back of the Head
    Hebrew letter # 19
    Gematria Value 100
    Tarot Key # 18
    Function **** Sleep

    one note of possible interest..... The Moon Key "Quoph" connectx
    Venus to the Earth sphere.

    And the moon is the Conduit or medium body between earth and venus
    in Exoteric astrolgy.
    Quoph represents the 4th stage of spiritual unfoldment..

    The moon

    "As high Presistess in Key 2 (gimel) she provided the ethereal
    substance from wihch all is made, but now works from a higher level
    to transmute this substance, so that the Vehicle (body
    consciousness) of man may become sufficiently spiritualized to
    receive the LIGHT of the Christos (Sun Key follws the moon)... AS
    the Sun is mediator between God and Nature, the Moon Mediates
    between the Sun and Nature"

    above paragraph excerpt from "Jewels of the Wise"

    The back of the head (in physical terms) refers to the Medulla
    Oblongatta and Cerebellum......

    This is the Area of the Brain that Conrtols All Automatic Functions
    of the Body... from Temperature control to Breathing etc.... (note
    Astral or Vital body is the Seat of Automatic Consciousness)

    This is The Only part of the Brain that Always remains awake......
    and thus it is from this part of the brain that we engauge when we
    are Awake in our Dreams....... ala astral travel or Lucid Dreaming
    or whatever tem you like

    When the Body is more evolved along the path of evolution. these
    Automatic Fuctions are more accesible to the Self conscious will and
    thus self conscious experience.

    This says a lot....... but to be simple.....

    When one accesses this level of Consciousness Consciously they have
    Access to the Astral Consciously (Astral being the Moon Sphere)
    be mindful though that the Astral is Always a Reflection of that
    above. just as the moon Always reflects the Sun......... and no
    power ever really comes from this level (The Moon) Only the Power to
    Reflect. and it reflects Both the higher Desires of ourself. and
    more often the Lower desires of our personality.

    This is just the Beginning though... as the Astral or Moon Sphere is
    the Next sphere above Malkuth (the Earth)

    "the Night Brings Council"

    Sleep is where we are most likely to Recieve the Higher impressions
    through the subconscious.

    The YODs falling from the Sky in the Moon Key actually change the
    physical structure of the brain.

    AS the Connecting path between the Earth(physical body) and Venus
    (Desire Body)..... one can't help but soon notice that All our
    Astral ventures are spurred on by Desire...... and our Deires shape
    our astral visions... The Moon (as High Preistess) corresponds to
    the third eye. or imaginations vision. (hint. here...... Recognize
    the SUN you Are that is Being reflected by whatever Visions occur to
    you in Astral)

    In the Moon Key we See the Actual Path....... rising and falling up
    into the ether.........

    This is the Path consciousness ascends to it's destination.......

    and As Pisces is the Zodiacal sign of (The moon) and therefore
    Quoph......... Pisces Corresponds Phyically to the "Feet"
    and fits well as the Feet are the Intruments that "Forge the Path"

    From the "tarot Key to the Wisdom of the Ages"

    "The Word translated "sleep" is from the Book of Formation.... it is
    a technical term in Rabbinical Hebrew, spelt ShINH, and having the
    Value 365. Furthermore, by transportation of letters, it may read
    HShIN, or Ha-Shin, "the Tooth" notice the Number 365 and all it

    ok. notice now that SHIN "the Tooth" is the Balancing Path on the
    Tree? that Connects Malkuth (Earth) to Hod (mercury)

    Qupoh on the Cube of space is the Position South Below........ It is
    placed Under the SUN Key on the Cube....... and all that may
    entail (not enough space here

    In Summary. Flesh and Blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.......
    but we through our efforts (and really submission to the HGA) may
    evolve from more than the Automatic Consciousness of the Animal
    instincts in Yesod and Malkuth etc........

    To be Possibly Useful......

    Meditate on Quoph the Letter. and the Tarot Key the Moon........
    These Formulaes will Aid in Developing the Brain and Body.... to
    more readily Ascend the Path... to the Great Beyond. That is Calling

    Just found this on the internet. I don't say it's all true but there are some interesting connections here.


    Harry Potter,.. "Is this all happening in my head or is it real?"
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