Well, that was a busy three days! It's really easy to install a "generic" version of vBulletin, but it's a lot of work to customize it.

The new vBulletin 4.1.7 is a very mature product. It has so many new features. For example, while typing this message I saw the autosave feature alert me that my draft had beed saved. This means that if my browser crashes or my cat walks on my keyboard and erases everything I wrote, I can get it back and it won't be lost. That has been a huge frustration for lots of folks in many forums all over the internet. It's a great new feature.

And now we can embed videos!

Just click on the "Insert Video" icon up there next to the "Insert Image" icon.

Oh, and this new comment box I'm typing is is a lot better than previous verions.

Well, that's it. Gotta get this posted. I need to browse around the site to ensure everything is working properly. Please send me a PM if you see any anomalies, or if you have suggestions for features you'd like to see added. And on that note, the link to the Bible Database is due to a request by Kathryn. So speak up if you want any features added to this site! I'd love to provide any service I can.