Now you're just being stubborn and showing, well, I hate to knock you, but your ignorance of both Hebrew, Greek and Jewish Second Temple custom. You wrote: "As a final note, I strongly reject Friedman's invalid reference to Paul as "Rabbi Sha'ul" - an error he repeated throughout the book. I consider that to be unnecessarily divisive to the Body of Christ and grossly disrespectful of the revealed Word of Almighty God in which the Apostle Paul is always called "Paul"

Richard, my friend, 'paul' is a Greek name. It is a nickname (Ι started to type in Greek but this site doesn't support Greek text)! Did you change your name when you became a believer? No. Neither did he. He wrote people under his nickname, 'servant' (paulos). Friedman can call Shaul whatever he wants to...Shaul was his given name, and it IS respectful. Many Jews today are called by that same 1st name. Is it disrespectful to name someone Shaul (or Saul in English)? You'd have to argue such in order for your comment to be valid! Shaul is RESPECTFULLY called a rabbi by Dr. Friedman, and every other Messianic Jew who calls him such (and the great majority do so). 'Rabbi' is a title of respect in the modern Jewish world. All it means is 'an ordained teacher' and a scholarly community leader. That's all, but if you've never studied Hebrew, you wouldn't know that, right? And if you make a stink about 'Rabbi' Shaul, why don't you make a stink about Christians calling themselves 'Reverend' or 'Elder' or 'teacher'? Or how about St. James (a totally culturally Christianized name that has nothing to do with his real historical name (which was Yakov ben Yosef). St. James? He wouldn't know who you're talking about. Do you call Abraham ever by his name Abram? If you do, you sin. You would be (your words) "grossly respectful" to the Biblical commandment. Why? Specifically we are told in the scriptures that God changed Abram's name to Abraham, and from then on, Abraham was to be his name. Why don't you make a stink about Christian authors who refer to Abraham by his name Abram? I've read enough authors who do this indiscriminately. But no big deal, right, unless it's a Messianic Jew calling Paul by his real name. Now, to me, this sounds a little like a bit of anti-Jewish, that couldn't be.
So go ahead and strongly reject what you want, but that doesn't change the facts.