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Oh my...using the Lord's name in vain (even in an abbreviated form) and telling someone their ideas are "rubbish" doesn't sound Christ-like to me. Ok to disagree but better with the mind and Spirit of Christ in your words. It can go a long way to open up the hearts of others to Him because in the end it's only about Him, not whether anyone is right or wrong. God will sift that out. We just need to keep coming from love to win hearts, lest we give HIM a bad name. ♡
Very interesting points. Believers often want to use common secular phrases like "Oh My God" (OMG) but know they shouldn't say "God" so they replace it with "Gosh" (Oh My Gosh). This then has the hilarious consequence of general replacement of "God" with "Gosh" and you hear them say things like "Gosh knows"!

And yes, it is perfectly OK to disagree. That's inevitable since we all see things from a different perspective, and are born ignorant, and are taught many things of dubious validity by a culture created by our ignorant ancestors, etc. Discourse over our disagreements is one of the most effective ways to help each other refine our knowledge and free ourselves from our delusions (which we all have to a greater or lesser degree).

I agree that showing love to others is the way to go, but it seems strange that Christians are taught to love everyone when the Bible presents God as hating many of us so much that he intends to torment us forever in hell. It looks to me like modern humans are more loving than the God their ancestors invented.

Great chatting!


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