This was bound to happen sooner or later...the evangelical movement is beginning to reveal itself as the tares which were spoken of in the gospels. Everywhere around us, their leaders are falling away, corrupt by the wealth they have collected from their unseeing congregations. The blind has led the blind, and they are all falling into the ditch. But any serious student of the gospel should have seen this coming. The pop gospel bears some resemblance to the truth, but it has proven to be a cocktail of a little of the truth shaken and stirred with a whole lot of deception. Hagee has now set himself up as God, he feels powerful enough to refute the Word and preach as he sees fit. And a mass is following him. Those who are too lazy to read for themselves, or who just want to have their ears tickled, have followed this pied piper and many others like him.

That woman with the cup of apostasy in her hand, decked in scarlet and purple, is so easily identified!