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    CHI RO - a map of the second coming?

    I read with interest the message on this forum with regards the CHI RO its meaning and an unusual baptismal font that has a triple CHI RO. One of the reasons Jesus was detested was because he brought new light to scripture, new teachings and made all things anew..... by sharing the holy spirit with us

    I would like to draw the readers attention to the facts about the CHI RO symbol. The fact that it looks like an X and a P is just myth and rumour. Constantine saw a vision and was simply told to recreate what he saw and was told : In this sign you will conquer, it will be a sure defence in battle there is no recorded evidence at all that Constantine said it was an X and P

    has anyone ever considered that when the Alpha and Omega child returns he himself will explain the meaning of the CHI RO symbol to us? what if he uses the symbol to conquer evil during his second coming and use it as is his defence in the great battle of revelation?

    Consider if you will turning the CHI RO symbol on its side and consider the semi circle as the Newgrange Tombs in Navan County Meath which were built over 4,000 years ago, nobody knows why but the chamber at newgrange was built to bring attention to december 21st. Now consider the X as being " X marks the spot" and consider it to represent the galactic alignment due to take place on 21-12-2012 at 11:11 am. I put it to believers that the CHI RO symbol is a map depicting the second coming of the prophesised Alpha and Omega Child. I would also like to introduce the following image and note it is not a moon the Virgin Mary is stood upon but rather the Newgrange tomb :

    this the vision about our lady of Guadelupe and read the passage :
    Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
    a woman clothed with the sun,
    with the moon ( newgrange tomb under her feet,
    and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
    2. Then being with child,
    she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth...revelation 12

    now consider the 12 stars around her head to reflect the mazzaroth and 12 constellations and consider the son when he arrives the 13th sign - Ophiuchus, the man battling the serpent and please also research keplers supernova which was located in the heel of Ophiuchus : And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3:15

    consider 11:11 as the wake up call Psalm 57:8 psalm 108:1 and if one is to google 11:11 one will see many are being awoken but they do not know why..... and to understand the wake up one should visit :

    You will experience a sudden awakening after which reality is
    never the same. You are going to create clarity, healing and
    balance for yourself. Do not expect others in your life to be
    on this journey with you. It is yours alone as it is for most
    souls. You will have to seek new friends of like mind who are
    also being triggered by the digits. Once you open the Digital
    Door, there is no going back. Your soul will automatically and
    quickly move you from level to level of experience until you
    'get it'. Your consciousness is expanding and therefore you will
    manifest faster and with greater comprehension, becoming
    more aware of the meaning of synchronicities that will
    become more and more frequent. They are created by your
    soul to help you remember that you are a soul spark in a
    physical program that involves evolving back to higher
    consciousness. 11:11 is said to be ones wake up call.

    This soul awakening that people go through is part of the
    ongoing evolution of mankind and part of the plans that God
    has for his kingdom. Your soul comes from God and if it is
    being awakened then you should pay close attention as you
    form a pivotal part in what lay ahead. John 11:11 “ Our friend
    Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going there to wake him
    up”. This was Jesus predicting he had the power to not only
    raise the physically dead but also awaken the spiritually dead
    from their slumber and belief in God. Spiritually dead people
    get awoken but very often do not want to understand it
    because they do not realise they are asleep.

    “A new age will be awakened” Esdras 7:31. “ Why are you
    sleeping? Get up and pray that you will not fall into
    temptation” Luke 22:46. “So wake up and strengthen what
    you have before it dies completely” Revelation 3:2. “If you do
    not wake up, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not
    even know the time when I will come” Revelation 3:3.

    11:11 - God wakes us up
    22:22 - God teaches us through his Spirit
    33:33 God teaches us through his spirit and his son ( TRINITY)
    44:44 : God teaches us through his spirit, son and Mother
    55:55 : The son teaches about the Mother through the fifth and final mystery of the rosary
    66:66 - The marking of the beast is explained
    77:77 The seven seals of the scroll are opened.....

    Navan is a town in county meath Ireland : I would refer you to the flag of this county

    For many this is just another county in Ireland but for those
    with wisdom it is the seat of the High King of Ireland that is to
    come. The promised one, The Christ, The Star Child, The Alpha
    and Omega, The anointed one.

    It is situated in the East of Ireland and is home to the Hill of
    Tara which legend holds is the location of the missing Ark of
    the Covenant and is also home to Newgrange, the mysterious
    ancient mystical landmark that has baffled the world since its
    discovery. It predicts something will occur in Ireland on
    December 21st 2012. The whole county is one biblical ticking
    time bomb awaiting to explode. Many believe the Son of Man
    when he returns for his second coming will emerge from this

    It was once known as ‘Mide’ which when translated means
    ‘middle’. Its flag has a crowned King sitting upon a throne, a
    depiction and prophecy that the King will come from here and
    rule the world during Judgement Day.

    From all the countries in the world you have chosen this one
    small land. 2 Esdras 5:24.

    "Numbers are the perfect way for the deity to remain in touch with mankind" - Saint Augustine said and when we take NAVAN the town and apply its alpha numeric numbers to the letters ( a=1 b =2 c=3 etc...) we get :
    N =14:A=1:V=22:A=1:N=14 – 11:11:22:44 – 22:22:44 – 44:44 please also note the date of creation calculated by Bishop Usher as being 4004 BC October 22nd and note the space between the two 4's in the date of creation. then think of the dimensions of Noahs ARK where he was told to leave a space of 44......

    of the

    The Mysteries of the Divine Mother

    The first mystery of the Divine Mother:Mary as the Mother of God (Theotokos)
    Every Mother gives body to the child she bears; God gives the
    body the soul. It is in this way that Mary gave the body to
    Jesus but God gave him a divine soul. Mary through the
    intercession of The Holy Spirit was able to give body to Jesus
    whilst God gave him his soul. The soul given to Jesus was a
    divine soul from God so in giving birth to the body that
    contained this divine soul of the son of God, she became the
    Mother of Gods soul on earth not to be confused with giving
    birth to God. Jesus was therefore two people, son of Mary as
    she gave him his earthly body but as he was also the son of
    God because he had a God given divine soul on earth she also
    inherently was therefore The Mother of God. God came to
    earth through both Mary and Jesus. Whilst Jesus was alive so
    too was God so Mary became the Mother of his earthly body
    and of his soul. Once again through the intercession and
    wishes of God, The Archangel Mary was able to give Motherly
    protection to Pope John Paul II and will also protect the son of
    man when he returns for his second coming.

    The Second mystery of The Divine Mother:

    The Immaculate Conception
    Conceived through natural methods to St Anne and St
    Joachim, the conception was without original sin and with the
    plenitude of Divine Grace. Born pure and without the ability to
    sin. As the angel Gabriel announced “Hail Mary, Full of Grace.”
    We on earth were not given this ability so all we can do when
    we sin is repent to either Mary who will redirect our sins to
    Jesus or directly through God. We do this through confession.
    God understands that we all sin but when we ask forgiveness
    he truly forgives. “Ask forgiveness receive Peace” Pope John
    Paul II said. The Mother can wipe away and cleanse the soul if
    requested to, a gift given to her by God in return for remaining
    pure so she can partake in the Redemption of Mankind.

    The Third mystery of The Divine Mother:

    Mary as the Ever Virgin.
    Before giving birth and after giving birth Mary remained as
    always the pure and ever virgin, chosen by God to fulfil his
    mission. This mission is now coming true and this is proof of
    her virginity. She was willing to sacrifice herself to God as
    asked to and now God is coming back to reward The Queen of
    Heaven for sacrificing her earthly life. The true powers of Mary
    will be fully understood during the second coming.
    The fourth mystery of The Divine Mother:
    Mary as the eternal guide to The Mysteries of Light.
    As Mary had never sinned throughout her earthly life it was
    befitting that she be assumed into heaven both body and soul,
    the reward for carrying out the divine mission she fulfilled. It is
    a reminder to us all of the glory that awaits us when our time
    has come. Mary remained unstained in a world full of
    temptations and was therefore assumed into heaven in both
    body and soul. This was the exact path her Son took when he
    ascended. Therefore it is only befitting that if we follow in her
    light we will be led to the light of Jesus Christ. Try live as pure
    a life as possible and when you go wrong repent and ask for
    forgiveness. By asking for forgiveness you will get peace and
    led ever closer to the light of The Holy Spirit. Throgh her
    various appearances on earth, mary has proved she leads us
    to the light of God and his son. Following Mary will not lead
    you astray on the path of life.

    The Fifth mystery of The Divine Mother:

    Archangel Mary as CoRedemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate
    Mary fully cooperated with God by agreeing to give the earthly
    body to Jesus at The Annunciation. In doing so she proved she
    was at one with the redeemer and thus cooperated in our
    redemption. She suffered with Jesus at the foot of the cross.
    As Co-redemptrix Mary shows us the supernatural values of
    carrying the cross of the saviour. As all the graces from The
    Father and The Son, that flow from The Holy Spirit, do so
    through Mary this is how she presents herself as The
    Mediatrix. It is through her constant intercession and through
    our prayers that we receive these graces. When the son
    returns a second time, his Mother will assist him with his
    supernatural cross that he has to carry by guiding him
    throughout his ministry proving she assisted God and truly
    earning the title CoRedemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.
    Five mysteries = 59 beads by 5 = 295 prayers.
    October 22nd = 295 Day of Year.

    Pope John Paul II was saved on day 133 of the year May 13th, the feast of our lady of fatima and it is also day 133 which relates to the measurements of the ark of Noah 133 by 22 by 13 with a space of 44...the Pope elavted to the throne on oct 22nd. His death april 2nd :

    Revelation 12:6 : The woman fled to the desert, to a place
    God had prepared for her, where she will be taken care for
    1,260 days. April 2nd 2005 to September 13th 2008 is 1,260
    days. A devastating hurricane hit the United States on this

    As many would say this is just a coincidence Providence was
    ensuring this date and Our Lady of Light was also fulfilling
    other biblical prophecies.

    Daniel 12:11 “From the time the daily sacrifices are stopped,
    that is from the time of the awful horror 1,290 days will pass.
    April 2nd 2005 – October 13th 2008 is 1,290 days. October
    13th being the feast of the miracle of the sun in Fatima.
    Daniel 12:12 : Happy are those who remain faithful until
    1,335 days are over! April 2nd 2005 – November 27th 2008 is
    1,335 days. November 27th being the feast day of the
    miraculous medal.

    Two winged creatures were made of olive wood and placed in the most Holy Place. Each one 4.4 metres tall. Both were the same size and shape. Each had two wings, each wing 2.2 metres long, so that the distance from one wing tip to the other was 4.4 metres. They were placed side by side in the most Holy Place so that two of their outstretched wings touched the walls. 1 Kings 6:23-28.

    in further evidence to support my claim that Navan is the New Jerusalem and ireland is home to the kingdom of God I draw your attention to :

    1) the prophecies of Malachy, are just that prophecies about the second coming : they predict the second coming will happen in Navan, Malachy spent much time in navan. they were not prophecies about a pope or popes but about the son of man.

    Gloriae OlivaeHis glory and ambition will lead to the offering of the peace Branch.
    De Labore SolisThe worker of The Sun (Son), of the eclipse of the Sun, Unique Childbirth. (Immaculate Conception)
    De Medietate LunaeMidpoint of the month, half moon.
    Flos FlorumHe will be youthful and blossom like a flower.
    Pastor AngelicusThe shepherd will belong to the Angels.
    Fides IntrepidaHe will be loyal and undaunted.
    Religio DepopulataThe ravaged will be in awe.
    Ignis ArdensWith a glow of passion he will ignite a bright glowing flame.
    Lumen in CoeloLight of the world.
    Crux de CruceTormented and crucified. Cross from a Cross
    Aquila RapaxGrasp the silver eagle on the pole.
    Peregrinus ApostolicusA Pilgrim Pope.
    De Bona ReligioneWorshipping of a brave woman.
    Bellua InsatiabilisInsatiable beast (the battle against)
    Poenitentia GloriosaFamous Penance
    Rastrum in PortaHe will bring the people to the entrance gates
    De Flumine MagnoA large Wave/flood
    Sydus OlorumNew star in a constellation, evangelisation.
    Jucunditas CrucisCharming, remaining pleasant during crucifixion.
    In Tribulatione PacisIn the midst of distress comes Peace and Harmony.
    Gens PerversaOverthrow evil corruption of a nation.
    De Rore CoeliRose Mary, Dew of Heaven
    Axis in Medietate SigniA sign from heaven, pole/axis.
    Aesculapii PharmacumPoisonous Snake
    De fide PetriFaith of Peter
    Hyacinthus MedicorumFourth finger of the hand, blue cloth/sash
    De Craticula PolitianaIron Curtain, Polish, Grid Iron
    Rosa CompositaRose Collector (through Rosary)
    Draco DepressusCrushing of the dragon, evil.
    Ex Undarum BenedictioneA consecrated blessing/wave
    Signum OstienseImage/statue is the doorway
    Avis OstiensisThe bird at the doorway.
    Comes LaurentiusA follower, Adorning a laurel crown
    Canonicus de LatereConstructor of a cathedral, brickwork by a Canon.
    Comes SignatusDesignate and put in order.
    De Schola ExietVisible as a follower
    Ensis LaurentiiWith sword crowned with laurel.
    Sus in CribroSift through the pigs.
    Lux in OstioA light to the doorway, entrance of the underworld.
    Ex Tetro CarcereUgly Traps, released from prison.
    Via TranstiberinaJourney beyond Tiber
    Inimicus ExpulsusEnemy expelled
    Ex Castro TiberisFrom the fort on the Tiber. As in, from The Vatican.

    2) the vision that occurred in knock in 1879 predicts the lamb will have his second coming in Ireland

    3) the Book of Kells was a book prophesising the second coming would happen in Ireland :

    For 1,200 years The Catholic Church and Leading scholars
    whom have studied this book of kells were all in agreement that the
    book contained two errors.
    1) The geanology of Jesus had one extra name inserted
    that differed from the Gospel of Luke. An extra mans
    name would bring us the Son of Man.
    2) Matthew 10:34 reads “I come not to bring peace but a
    sword” but the monks put the following phrase in “I
    come not only to bring peace but also joy”. ( these were not errors but prophecies)

    Throughout the
    book of Kells a number of recurring themes and prophecies are
    predicted about Ireland :
    The Second Coming will occur and will have something to do
    with a book. The Angels, The Son and the four Gospel writers all
    appear throughout holding a book. Throughout the folios there
    are also several scenes with mice and rats (pests) nibbling at
    the eucharist and running away with it in their mouth, this
    reflects the battle Jesus will have when he returns with his own
    priests, they are the mice and rats, the pests who ran off with
    their own version of events. Also depicted throught the pages
    are men pulling their hair out and tugging at each others
    beards. These men also depict the priests who will be tearing
    their own hair out when they realise the eucharist mistakes they
    made. Just as God enlightened prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel and
    Malachi to warn the people of Israel about the first coming of
    the messiah, so too did he use Irish prophets and priests to
    prepare the people of Ireland for the second coming of his son.

    Just as Israel had prophets to warn them of the first coming Ireland had its own set of prophets to warn of the second coming.

    Finally if more proof is needed I would like to draw your attention to the axis of St Michael linking Mount Carmel to Ireland


    St Faustina is the Bride of Christ, the new Eve

    Whether those rebels listen or not they will know that a
    prophet has been amongst them. Do not be afraid of them or
    anything they say. They will defy and despise you, it will be
    like living amongst scorpions. Tell them whatever I tell you to
    say whether they listen or not
    , remember what rebels they
    are. Ezekiel : 2:5-7
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    extra Knowledge

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