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    Bible Stories and Our body

    As I stated before, we are walking around as a 1:4 ratio from head to toe. Whether you are an American, European, Asian, African, Latin American, it makes no difference. And it has been like this from the creation of mankind. The 1:4 is one head that leads four other parts and all is devided by hinges, the other four are our trunk, upper legs, lower legs and feet. And 1-4 is the hebrew word ‘d and that means mist, fog, and 1-4 is the base of the formation story in Gen. 2 that starts with mist and then comes adam 1-4-40 etc.

    So basically (in the base) we are foggy, mystify (from mist) persons. Jesus too says somewhere that He sees what’s in a person. We take care of our 1:4 ratio and when a new one is born from parents they enjoy it. Human parents do not create another ratio, they may think let's create another ratio - normally never think that way - but they can not and normally don't want that. Nature makes it this way and it's in our genes as we can say it scientifically.

    Let’s try to learn some more about our body parts, from connecting them to Bible stories. Actually it has to be the other way around, like the words of the ten events in the formation story in Gen. 2 have a base in 1:4 and that’s why we are walking around in a 1:4 ratio in the physical world, the mater-ial world, that's the mater (woman) following the male. Joh. 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word."

    I wrote already about the word for our hair somewhere, here and there, and about teeth, hands and eggs. What do you think of some info about our
    - forehead, where hair is missing
    - brain
    - neck
    - shoulders, where the 2 begins. Head, neck and shoulders, where the third is double, where did we see this sceme before? In several occasions!
    - left arm, the big muscle at the level where the heart is situated and where pain is felt by a person who has a hart attack.

    A journey from above, who is interested?
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    One can find info about it in an extensive work called the Misnah

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