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Well, in my thread of Problem solving ( http://www.biblewheel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1096 ), I did indicated that if praying, repentance and fasting failed, then the problem might be you. I think your health problems may be caused by weight, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress etc.
Sorry CHW, but that's ridiculous. God does not answer anyone's prayers for things like restoring amputated limbs and other things that can be objectively verified. When you say that God answers "20%" of your prayers, I know you are not talking about real things that could be verified, but rather personal things that you privately think and feel he answered. I know this as an absolute fact: God does not, as a general rule, answer the prayers of anyone. Think of all the sick people at a Benny Hinn carnival. There are hundreds of people in the audience with real maladies like MS that keep them in wheel chairs. He never heals any of them. NEVER! He's a scam artist, yet thousands and thousands of people believe in him and give him millions and millions of dollars. I know that he is a total fake because Hank Hanegraaff asked him for his three best confirmed miracles, and not one of them stood up under scrutiny.

So please deal with the facts of reality. It is a grave error to pretend that God does things he does not do.

And as for my "health" issues. I was talking specifically about a time when I was carrying one of my sons up a hill on my shoulders and one of my calf muscles exploded. I stopped and prayed for God to heal it, and he ignored me so I was hobbled for about six weeks. And another time another son was very constipated and in pain. so I prayed for God to heal him and again he ignored me and let my son suffer and have his 8 year old faith challenged since he saw that God does not really answer prayers. None of this had anything to do with sin in my life or sedentary life style or anything like that. It is a simple fact that God does not, as a general rule, answer anyone's prayers. There is no way to argue against this because it is a fact of reality. I've known thousands of Christians over a span of decades, and I've never seen anyone's prayers regularly answered. And the times when folks thought their prayers were "answered" is was usually just a coincidence, though I will admit there are a few rare instances that still appear to be valid. But that would account for about 0.5% of all prayers at best - the number is so small it is probably just the result of random chance. There CERTAINLY is no evidence of a "Father-like God" who actually watches over Christians. On the contrary, any statistical measure will show that accidents, sickness, and death happen to Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Atheist in equal measure. There is no evidence of any God "overlooking" the lives of Christians. Sorry. But these are the facts. If you disagree, please provide some objective evidence supporting your claim.