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My question is what makes any of these books authoritative? How and why were they accepted in the bible?
Good question gilgal....I can only think of one scripture by Paul.This referring to all scripture being inspired by God......& I guess that means what Paul wrote in His epistles since they are canonized.So what is all scripture & did that include the books of the Apocrypha .But the best answer I can give is: Because they say so.They being the ones that had authority to canonize.

That is my question back to you.......who gave them the authority to say which are acceptable as scripture.And since the books have been reduced, then my guess is that Protestants think Martin Luther as a canonized saint,even though I don't think the HRCC canonized him as a saint. tee hee

I am done with reading all the old commentaries.I trust my discernment more than I trust theirs. If my discernment is poor, like theirs,then I fall into the same category as all of them, being wrong...Right?

Lack discernment?

Then go to the Trinity Broadcasting Network for practice......Pick any one of them cats, and follow their discernment,while sending them cats your seed money.They will plant it for you.....there are many needy on the streets & neighbors that really need your loving help, and they have no Rolex to pawn, no mansions nor jet planes to fuel & keep up.

Discernment is a gift of the grace that God gives to those that really have heartfelt desires for the truth & the will to obey the truth, and then by sincere asking, Father will not give his son a stone or serpent when asking for bread. That is the promise I read & believe, in one of them canonized books....You have to go for yourself in these matters concerning the word, as least that is my discernment I get from reading scripture.
In His love, Chas.