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Thread: Self Defense

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    goodnewsinc Guest

    Lightbulb Self Defense

    Self Defense

    In all cultures self defense is a universally acceptable reason for wounding or killing an opponent who attacks you and attempts to take your life. This is especially true when the attack is made without cause or provocation. If it is determined that this is the situation, then no arrests or trials will be conducted against the victim if he kills an opponent in self defense while in the heat of passion.

    Devils failed to know God as He is, Revelation 13:4-7. They also failed to answer the question correctly, “What is man”?! Hebrews 2:6-7. Here is the answer to both questions.

    1. God is ALL in ALL. He is all of what we see as “matter”, the universe and all things. He is SO BIG that we cannot fully comprehend it nor appreciate the magnitude of His majesty. So BIG is He that, “In him we live and move and have our being”. “He is above all and through all and by Him all things consist”. This is a declaration of the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God.

    2. Men in flesh and blood are “cells” of God’s living spirit substance encased in clay coverings called human bodies. These are special “cells” of God’s life shaped with heads, torsos, two arms with hands, and two legs with feet. These collectively make up the Body of God. He calls them children. Furthermore “the human body is God’s temple in which He dwells and walks”, so that a personal attack against the children is a personal attack on Him! 2 Corinthians 6:14-16, Isaiah 63:9.

    By attacking man and hoping to force God to destroy him, devils made two egregious mistakes. They FAILED TO KNOW GOD … and … they FAILED to recognize HIS BODY.

    God is still in total communication with all of His Body “cells”, and He has total control over their sensory perceptions and intelligence. This speaks of the Omniscience of God! He manages what men hear and experience from our good angels as well as from devils who enslave us and manage our evil experiences in the first-stage our earth-life exercise, Ecclesiastes 1:13, Romans 8:18-23. As of this moment while I type most devils enslaving 6.5 billion human beings on the planet earth are attacking God’s Body and trying to destroy them. God is PERFECTLY JUSTIFIED if He destroys them suddenly and without warning. It is a matter of SELF DEFENSE! No further legal questions and actions are necessary! What do you think?

    Glorify God!
    God did it!
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    Not from this world...from the other side
    Thanks for the interesting topic which I have discussed in this forum before.

    Killing to me is a sin no matter for what reason even in self-defense as one of the ten commandments is "thou shalt not kill? However, if it is ordained by God to kill, then it is not a sin as God will forgive those who followed His instruction. I believe there are different level of sin in killing someone of which one of the worst is killing someone because of greed...for money, possession etc. Killing in self-defense is therefore a lesser sin as it is necessary to kill someone in order to save yourself. Killing in war is a form of self-defense ordained by the government in which if "you don't kill the enemy, the enemy will kill you". Such form of self-defense is also a sin but the full sin does not lie on the killer but on the government who ordained the killing. Supposed if you are ordered to kill someone under duress would you do it?...Kill or be killed, would you do it?....but what if the order under duress is to kill your love ones such as your children, would you do it?....Kill your children or all including you will die?....would you do it?.....

    Many Blessings and a Happy New Year.
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