Hi Folks,

I am a long distance bike rider. For years I would ride 30 miles a day. I recently wore out my last bike and have decided to get a new one rather than refurbishing the old one. I bought it about ten years ago, and so much has changed in that time I'm not sure what to get.

There are many brands, and many variations to consider, like the carbon fiber forks (or the whole frame), and most importantly, the style. I am used to riding a mountain bike with the "square" handlebars that keeps you back more upright than the the curved style seen on typical road-bikes and racers.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to move back to the tour-style road bike. The problem is that its going to be a big investment, and I'm not sure if I'll be happy with that style since I haven't ridden that type for years. Its hard to tell if you will like a style for a four hour ride by taking it out on a short 3 minute test ride.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Brands to avoid at all costs?