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    Quote Originally Posted by NumberX View Post
    Of course we can go on and on and on and on with these "coincidences"

    "248 Particles and 92 Elements

    In our first article on 248, we mentioned the relationship between the numbers 248 and 92. As we began, 248 has been proposed as the number of particles in nature—it is still a hypothetical statement. But, science today recognizes that there are exactly 92 naturally occurring elements in nature.
    In the Torah’s account of creation, we find a beautiful connection between these two numbers. The 248th word in the account of creation is “the great” (הַגְּדֹלִים ), whose numerical value is 92! This word appears in the account of the fifth day and describes the “great serpents” that God created. Even more amazingly, this is also the only word in the account in creation that equals 92!"

    etc. etc. etc.
    Yeah ... but is there any systematic understanding? A list of "coincidences" doesn't seem to go anywhere really .... it's certainly not "scientific" since science is the development of systematic theories that coherently explain entire sets of data. The most important point being that the theory allows us to predict future observations, and that's how we discern between true and false theories.
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    What we saw here in this thread is that (nature) science and Hebrew match in the numbers. And other matches with hebrew like on the plane of countries. I called it "coincidences" but don't really think of it as coincidences of course, it's the opposite: It has to be that way, set up from 'up high', by God and Hebrew, designed from 'the other side' in the first place. In essence are here examples of the (seed giving) male who joins the woman (matter, receiving part). The point is not to start dividing this (no divorce). And not to start saying A, A and A again, that means make no big distance between heaven and earth.

    I enjoyed the discoveries in this thread and did not see any dumb reactions, no. Anyone who likes to add info like this just go ahead.

    For the nature discoveries in this science part of the forum I like to draw your attention to a statement of the scientist Sir Michael Faraday:
    "The book of nature which we have to read is written by the finger of God."

    More statements of famous scientists which apply to the facts in this thread we can find here.

    (new) I came across new info so I have extenden post no. 19 in this thread a bit.
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