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The LORD couldn't have said it better. If anyone wants to declare themselves to be GOD, prove it. Declare what was before creation. Tell how you formed the universe with your hands, or tell the future as if it was past history. Only the ONE TRUE GOD would know all these things, and his TRUE WORD would show these things. The Bible is full great facts and truths, but Bible Prophecy stands unequalled
Where did you get the idea that there are any fulfilled prophecies in the Bible? If there were, why couldn't Hugh Ross prove any? He made the ludicrous assertion that there are "about 2000 prophecies" that "have been fulfilled to the letter - no errors." But when he listed the top 13, he failed to establish even one beyond reasonable doubt. I demonstrated his errors in my article Two Thousand Reasons to Believe that Dr. Hugh Ross Might Not Be Entirely Credible. If you think there are any prophecies that have been demonstrably fulfilled, please start a thread and we can discuss it.