On several other threads I have written of the unusual method of gematria to which I feel that I have been led by the Spirit to discover hidden truth in Scripture. This method which is rejected by authorities in gematria as invalid, uses only root word spellings for each word in complete sentences, with the total gematria value then revealing truth. Being illiterate in Hebrew and Greek, and not knowing the proper spelling for each word according to rules of grammar, I came upon this method by "accident." Because of what I have experienced, however, I believe that it was ordained by God, and not an accident.

I continue to have recurrent doubts regarding what I have percieved as a revelation, and each time this occurs, I am given inspiration to read certain passages of Scripture which seem to be a message to me that it is real, or I am inspired to use certain words or Biblical concepts in the method of gematria to which I feel that I have been guided, which confirms the validity of the method. This occurred to me today, and in a matter of just a few minutes the following gematria confirmations for what is proclaimed in Scripture regarding Jesus is found to be confirmed by the number of His name, 888. (In each example the Strong's number of the root word used in the sentence is indicated.)

Salvation (H3444) is found (H4672) in the name (H8034) of the Lord. (H3068)
ישׁוּעה מצא שׁם יהוה
26 + 340 + 131 + 391 = 888 = JESUS = Ἱησοῦς = 888

Salvation (H3444) is found (H4672) in the blood (H1818) of the Lamb. (H3532)
ישׁוּעה מצא דּם כבשׁ
322 + 44 + 131 + 391 = 888 = JESUS

The Father (H1) sent (H7971) His Son (H1121) who came (H935) for the salvation (H3444) of all (H3605) men. (H120)
אב שׁלח בּן בּוֹא ישׁוּעה כּל אדם
45 + 50 + 391 + 9 + 52 + 338 + 3 = 888 = JESUS

Salvation (H3444) of men (H120) is found (H4672) only (H3173) from (H4480) the blood (H1818) of the sacrificed (H2076) Son (H1121) of God. (H430)
ישׁוּעה אדם מצא יחִיִד מן דּם זבח בּן אלהִים
86 + 52 + 17 + 44 + 90 + 32 + 131 + 45 + 391 = 888 = JESUS

I cannot explain how these ideas to use gematria to confirm truth come to me, but at times of inspiration, the thoughts come more rapidly than I can record them. For further examples of what has come to me using this method one may view my website: http://www.thepurelanguageofgod.com