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    God has no limitations.

    If God has the power to create a living universe, he most definitely has the power to enter it. He isnt a computer programmer. The guy who makes the computer isnt in the computer... Because he isnt God. God is not limited in his ability. If he was, he wouldn't be God.

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    Sephiroth = diemsion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Amiel McGough View Post
    Some folks like to read modern knowledge into the Bible because it gives them a sense that the Bible contains "hidden knowledge" put there by God. But I don't see anything in what Maimonides wrote that had anything to do with string theory or modern physics. The Ten Sephiroth originated long before his time, and they don't have anything to do with string theory anyway. The only thing they have in common is the number 10, which is the number of fingers on two hands, the number of commandments, etc. I don't see any connection with modern physics.
    Anyone who studies Kabbalah will attest those who compiled this doctrine were totally struggling to describe attributes, what mystics cannot adequately describe could be be these other dimensions?

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    Three of my children are physicists, one, a particle physicist. Me? I am as confused as I am intrigued by all of it. In fact I would not even comment on this thread were it not for two errors I saw in the midst of a debate on ?how many photons dance on the head of a pin?.
    One: the identity of Jesus as God. It seems that Jesus, being made subject to the physical realm and limited by four dimensions, cannot encompass an infinite God. And yet there is much talk about our inability to understand even the dimensions in which God dwells. Why then can we not admit our inability to grasp Trinity? Jesus claimed to be the Father and yet communed with the Father as an ?other?. Jesus allowed Thomas to worship him and call him ?my Lord and my God,? which a good Jew would never do! And we can probably agree that Jesus was a pretty good Jew. Can you really discern between the father, and the son, or the spirit? Can you separate them? When when I meditate on the concept I am aware of trying to bring a higher-dimensional idea into the mechanical wrangling of my human mind. The spiritual is like the physical here: we will never be able to wrap our minds around it but Jesus told us it is so. He gave evidence that He was/is God. And we know it by faith.
    Two: ?God does not speak to us directly.? Well then what will I do with Moses, Abraham, Paul, Jeremiah, Hosea, Noah, Peter...and me? If you cut out every place in the Bible where God talks directly to man it would look like a cheese grater. He may not speak often but he certainly does speak my friend, directly.

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    Nachmanide's 10 Dimensions?

    My first post.

    Dear New Friends...
    I know that the Bible, God's Word, God's letter to us, is not preoccupied with "how" but rather "why".
    I think that God did this (with hints of "how" for those who want to know) partially for our entertainment, FUN!
    I know that I get a real kick when I actually find something out about God that's partially hidden.
    It's like finding a hidden passageway that leads to a room in your home after living there for 10-years.
    These things I find almost always create severe depth in the meaning of what I'm studying.
    That being said, Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement, may be the glass in a window
    that we can walk up to, see through to some things, but never enter.

    I liked:
    "Quantum Entanglement says that particles are interacting with each other instantaneously no matter what the distance is between them. Paticles could be thousands and millions of miles apart and still interact instantaneously. The particles are acting as if in two places at once. This notion then leads on to speculating about time travel etc. God is it said to be omnipresent; that implies God can be in all places at the same time. That is feasible according to Quantum Entanglement." -David M.

    Good science is when we discover "The Rules" that God put in place at "Bereshit", (Properly translated: "In a beginning" -Hebrew). The Greeks say Genesis.
    Can God be in all places at the same time? Yes. God said so therefore it is true. "How" He does that Quantum Entanglement may explain. Remember, "The Rules" God also imposed upon Himself. He had to in order to make "free will" possible. But outside of time & space, (where we live), God can do whatever, however He wants. Whenever does not exist outside of our "place"(?) of existence.
    Side note: [I]"Free Will exists, but in order for it to work, there has to be a "fair" or "level" playing field. Quantum Entanglement may explain part of a "fair or level playing field". Remember, our "choice" for Jesus Christ is made by "faith". This is the doorway to eternal life with Him. Satan, "The Adversary", has thousands of doors to choose from. Satan wins when we don't choose Christ Jesus. So, in-fact, God has actually made the playing field in Satan's favor. (Job). I wonder what "faith" looks like?

    Remember, I'm an idiot compared to you guys - so go easy on me. I cry easy! :-) . -Bradford

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradford View Post
    My first post.

    Remember, I'm an idiot compared to you guys - so go easy on me. I cry easy! :-) . -Bradford
    No one knows, what he does not know, but he does know that there is a vast amount of knowledge that he does not and never will know...
    Brother Les

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