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    Unregistered Guest
    u asked this question...........

    'if PM Gandi of India saw me''.

    now that is 1 great question and as a testimony [Rev 12 v 11 the very middle of the book of revelation] i am going to tell you HOW GRACE ABOUNDS and How His mercy endures forever over His Overcoming remnant church He builds up called Zion the city of God.

    I do believe if Gandi saw me, he would wish to understand Jesus and His abounding Life-force progressively acting within a changed heart and mind.

    I never boast in my own strength [God forbid, as i die to my hatefull self goverment], but i do BOAST in His amazing Resurrection power and how He raises a saint out from this death and vanity realm and into the Kingdom of Heaven, that is hidden within.

    to all Overcomers [see Rev. chapters 2-3] He has asigned 2 primary Angels to minister to them and their calling [That is the truth by revelation.] so they may mightly overcome all their situations in the POWER of the RESURRECTION.
    The apostle Paul longed to understand this power - and it is the power of life and wholeness and perfection - received - here and now ''today'' if we hear His voice and Follow Him only.

    i would have asked PM Gandi to come and spend some time with me, and so while he was there he would see a ''different way'' of life compared to his own and his own pagan faith.
    It would not be a church pretender's life,
    a hypocrite's life of play acting religion,
    no It WOULD BE a new way of living so that a higher realm of living would be revealed to him. A way of life where vanity is ceasing to be lord.
    The rent veil and vanity are disappearing so that CHRIST can appear.
    when Christ appears - Peace and Goodwill is every present.

    It seems as of every form of evil is sucked out of the atmosphere all around and a 'hushed'' presence and a quietness appears. This is His perfect Peace He leaves us.
    It is a mighty place to be within....that place none have to ''strive to be perfect'' but REST there as John the disciples rested upon His breast at the last supper.

    Gandi would like my house. EVEN U RAM WOULD LIKE MY HOUSE.
    Christ's Peace dwells there i am honoured to say.
    Not the jesus of the divisional church BUT THE REALITY OF TRUTH and how it protects us from all of vanity's lies and abominations so the LIBERTY AND TRUE FREEDOM RULES.

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    The Late PM pagan Gandi of India saw the Laodicean church in full operation all over this world bcause church Laodicea is Lord. Man ruled.

    in Jesus words they are in fact...

    Jesus said FOLLOW ME'' and also ''those who keep My sayings shall never see death''''.
    He never said to follow the teaching of hyprocrites and pretenders.
    Show ponies.

    this Laodicea church aborts the LIFE OF CHRIST in the pews.
    they all die
    To be ''carnally minded'' is death we are told
    To be inside Laodicean churches is to die for they do not keep the Master's sayings but keep the sayings of a man ruled leadership.
    ''Laodicea'' means men's rulership.

    Jesus is Outside such empires of men and palaces of shame = calling out as a warning
    *Get eye salve
    *Buy Gold wear white raiment.

    Some HEAR HIM and come out and relearn how to become New
    Some HEAR HIM and learn how to become Regenerated [re-gene-rated or a changed DNA- re- gened]
    Some HEAR HIM and learn how to ''come up hither' meaning walk out from all sin and vanity and into perfect Life ruled over by our perfect Saviour.

    Then once they do this, they have entered the world of natural miracles and become SAVED and free.

    consider this please
    as we learn how to be holy and wear this white raiment as Jesus asked [ see Math 17 v 1-2 for details of the divine display and how to be His mirror likeness] where is our sin?

    Sin and death is our carnal mind.
    Think like the devil
    Act like the devil and sin like the devil in all manner of rebellion.
    Saints eradicate this devilish trait [they have been CONVERTED] so the mind of Christ becomes their THINKING PATTERN HERE AND NOW.
    SIN ceases and HOLINESS APPEARS...after all their Teacher is the HOLY spirit.

    The church has a sin consciousness and so ofcourse sin and die.
    They have made a ''covenant with death''.

    born again from above
    new man

    are words that make sinning cease from our lives permanently and WE ACT now as His image and likeness for Jesus said ''Go and sin no more'' to us.

    was He joking?
    was He being SERIOUS? [hehehe] what a joker.
    can people actually stop sinning?
    IF U LOOK at this in more detail = it WAS A COMMAND not a comment.

    so why? are u still sinning with a sin consciousness.?

    a mind of DIS-OBEDIENCE MAKES A sinner.
    when people whore around with satan and his standands expect the death penality as a criminal.

    A mind of OBEDIENCE makes a saint.
    When people have a relationship with their True Father Abba, in all manner of faithfullness expect LIFE AND ABUNDANCE.

    LET US no longer be ''taken in adultery'' meaning- saying ''i love you Jesus'', yet still soaking in satan's do dos and raging in our fleshpots.

    Divisional church does that as it is ........................
    a raging fleshpot of corruption.

    Gandi saw it and refused to believe such wickedness.
    He knew of Jesus as the whole world knows, but he never wanted to know ''his phony representives]

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    Jan 2010
    Melbourne, Australia

    Just a slight goad

    Mr Unregistered, I cant help but half agree with you as I would Hawking the w@#ker, that abomination Da Vinci, or that usurping SOB Einstein. First I'll warmly greet you and let you know I live in Australia, drink beer, smoked pot for 25 years and only just recently managed to quit the cigi's and choof. Yet I've known God of the Bible (66 books) all my life, I talk to him and he talks back to me, one way or another. There is not a single heart felt question he's never answered me, cause I love him and he loves me and even though I'm not perfect, I believe.
    See your mate Ghandi was a lot like Mohammed (I've read the Queran twice), they liked Jesus, but couldn't see him for anything but a man. For if they did they too would have:- 1. recognized that salvation doesn't come
    from works, 2. believed and 3. followed; regardless of the fact that all men are fallible especially our leaders and church institutions. Remember how Peter was rebuked by Jesus when he said "surely not Lord" and Jesus replied, "get behind me Satan," in fact when only a few days later as every one of his disciples deserted him on the mount, why should anyone expect anything different from man today is beyond me! Yet these so called holy men did as best as they could. One thing though Ghandi was often misrepresented and was more of Christian orientation than he led the public to believe, this was purely for political reasons. When you initially spoke your Generalization of his views towards Christians, I decently overlooked and forgave your naivety, yet afterwards it's repetition became highly annoying, but don't get me wrong I'm initially not here soley to bag you for I've studied the occult, numerology, astrology and I do somewhat agree with you, that over emphasis in the deeper symbolic meanings of the bible not can, but WILL over time damn the writer as the reader.
    RAM, you've seriously got to clean up this sight! It reeks of spiritualism, I've only recently managed to have a good look at this site and man you ought to research the New Zealander, Barry Smith. When I read the Jargon on the American seals I wanted to vomit. No where does God refer to his own eyes in the singular. This eye on the seal refers to the eye of horace, in witchcraft the evil eye. I can furthermore refer to the US as the other beast in Rev 13:11 which had two horns like a lamb (2 party System) yet spoke like a Dragon! 13:13 "even causing fire to come down from heaven."
    The links with Isaiah 19:19 clearly depicts the comparison with Khufu's Monument, where the seal is clearly the counterfeit claiming kingship in place of christ by placing the single eye (Satan) in an elevated position in the vicinity of the Kings chamber of Khufu. The list goes on and on.
    Brother in my opinion you should reconsider some of the material on this site and get an expert opinion on the concise occult understanding of numbers, which believe me is exhaustive; for everything has multiple meanings and generally 13 refers to change, end of cycle but predominately it's long association with witchcraft belongs with the demi- god worship of Venus. The Earth occults with Venus and the Sun 5 times every 8 Earth years which also almost exactly coincides with 13 Venusian years. This numerical link with the Fibonacci sequence is no fluke for its all part of creation. Occultism always leads to worship of created objects and in reverse, the Female deity over the Male, Mars or the tail before the head. It's major link is with the Moon though and its 13 revolutions per year, where the moon is referred in Genesis as the lesser light and is tied with the Female menstrual cycle.
    Richard, this to the uninitiated may seem harmless, but to those like our Unregistered Guest whose finer sensitivities of spiritual discernment has alienated him to the degree of having to respond, all be it in an uncouth manner, should still be regarded and calls for a definite review of this sites materials. As I'd mentioned my research is right up your ally and you should check out my website, in particular the numerical relationships with Periodic Law depicted in diagram 2, I'm keen to collaborate and assist in any way possible; regardless of my own constructive criticism I believe in calling "a spade, a spade," and commend you on this amazing amount of work, a clear example of years of accumulation and polishing which in the end can't amount to anything less than just "Brilliant!"
    Did you get that Guest-man/woman! The Lord said I'd rather you hot or cold, why because when a person is full on for Satan and they turn, they become full on for God, like Saul of Tarsus. Thats the difference between David and Joab. David recognized and respected Abners allegiance to his Lords anointed King Saul. Where as Joab couldn't overlook personal vengeance. Where Davids classic rebuttal claimed "What do you and I have in common, you sons of Zeruiah?!" Sure it's easy to criticize a mans work, but just be sure that it's constructive, polite and well thought out.
    Remember when you've put together a body of work equal to this site and have the decency (Balls) to at least disclose your address so that the defenders may clog up your pages with miles of dribble which you have to read through just to get to a reasonable response, then by all means, bring it on! So now we come full circle back to that strange opening line of mine where your about to say, "Who are you to hang it on these (so called great) scientists." Of which I may briefly state that, over the past 23 years I've developed a Unified Theory, coined "The Geometric Organization Of Dimension Theory" aka "The GOOD Theory," which depicts the entire universe in a continual Periodic Table of All Matter this application is called:
    Geometric Organized Dimension, of which I'm currently writing a book.

    It's received many positive reviews from Leading Physicists, Chemists and Mathematicians and has not been refuted for the past 13 years. Where as these other fellows lost their respect when the First:- was willing to bet a years subscription of porn if his malicious theory proved the existence of black-holes. The Second had the audacity to depict John one of the "Sons Of Thunder" sitting next to Jesus looking like a girl! and the Third who used and discarded his first wife of whom without, would've never been able to produce his Special Theory. In my eyes men of very low standing, but it's not for you to even repeat these words, for their body of work speaks for itself and commands respect. Where as I live, breath and taste unified theory, I was born for this very task and after 23 years of polite restraint, I've resolved to speak my mind at least this once! But not YOU! No, no and HELL NO! It's not for the likes of you, to even contemplate such rebuke, until you've proven yourself and stood the test of time! Remember Grasshopper, "Patience Provides Providence," and
    "From GOOD conversation,
    arises instantaneous inspiration and revelation,
    resulting in perfection of conjection!"
    Yes, for it's great sufferance which develops GOOD character,
    too much will kill you as will too little; for without it you will always make the same mistake:
    Always a dangled carrot, always taking the bait!
    Forever chasing the Dragon, with an apple at his gate!
    (Final paragraph quoted from "One to Infinity: G.O.D.'s Prime Objective, The memoirs of a somewhat Mad Scientist by Michael Banjanin"
    © Protege Publishing 2009)
    Feel free to checkout my website:-

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    Jun 2007
    I ended my last post with the sentence:

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    According to you reasonings we should dump everything, including the Church and the Bible.
    And you wrote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    reply to Victor.

    DUMP EVERYTHING and UNLEARN all u have learnt from man.
    Ok, so I should "DUMP EVERYTHING," including "the Church and the Bible." But then you claim to accept the Bible, since you quote and allude to it.

    You write long enigmatic posts using a very strange style. I need to read your posts over and over again before I begin to understand what your point is, and even after that I cannot follow exactly what you are trying to say. It is challenging to have a discussion under these conditions.

    Unless you communicate clearly, there is no reason to debate. You started this thread with questions about the Bible Wheel, and they have been answered.

    If anyone else following this thread thinks that my answers are not clear, please state so in a clear, articulate and simple way, and I'll do my best to reply.

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    Unregistered Guest

    reply to victor

    i am glad u read my post over and over.

    U see, the bible is read over and over too and men spend hours reading the bible wheel too.
    it becomes like a hobie yet where is anyone IN THE LIKENESS OF JESUS in them?

    point out 1 person to us all WHO IS exactly as Christ?
    2,ooo yrs none have walked as THE MASTER SAVIOUR.

    dont u think it strange?
    why do we accept ''THE ALMOST LIKES''? when we are to be conformed to the same likeness

    all that bible reading
    all those hymns sung
    all those cd's listened too
    all those sermons
    all those tithings
    all those good deeds and helping hands....... YET none walked as the mirror image of being CONFORMED TO THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST.

    we all accept faulty messages
    we all accept faulty men and their empire building efforts and self opinions of ''what the bible says''
    we all accept ''satan's religion'' of Laodicea where JESUS is outside the church KNOCKING.

    KNOCKING to awaken men to their dead religious plight.

    The Holy Spirit is the TEACHER......
    DONT you remember this.............
    Jesus walking to EMMANUS and meeting the 2 disciples and then HE OPENED UP THE SCRIPTURES TO THEM AND THEY BURNED WITH DELIGHT and ran back to tell the others.

    that is what the Holy Spirit does with the Bible.
    WE BECOME CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE to be as His CO HEIR sons and BECOME - BEGOTTEN as He is begotten. Our WHOLE NATURE IS COVERTED into an immortal nature of our real Father and our death is swallowed up into His own very LIFE.

    He OPENS up the WORD, and how to have CONFIDENCE in this Word so that He becomes our healer not the doctors of this world, He becomes our HEALTH.

    He OPENS up the Word, and how to have CONFIDENT FAITH in HIM as TRUST no matter what situations we are IN. He becomes OUR FAITH

    He OPENS up the Word, and How to have VICTORY and answered Prayers as we NO LONGER DOUBT HIM at all, and inside us is sown HIS IMMORTAL NATURE as we obey and HE FILLS US WITH HIS FULLNESS to overcome and BE as HE is. He is our victory.

    *christ* the POWER VERB of divine action ALIVE IN US.

    IF CHRIST IS *IN* where can death hide?

    something to think about.

    the late PM Gandi knew stuff from his own pagan religion.
    THE SAME AS.........The whole WORLD KNOWS of Jesus = but where is HIS PEOPLE.

    i dont want to see faulty posers filled with HEAD KNOWLEDGE
    I WANT TO SEE = REALITY not the Matrix.

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    So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air. - 1 Corinthians 14:9

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    Unregistered Guest victor

    please consider that all thru-out bible History very few BELIEVED ABBA yet all had a religion.

    *Mrs Lot had an advantaged position of ''seeing faith work'' yet TURNED BACK and was destroyed. Jesus said as a warning ''remember Lot's wife'.

    All those reigious men 40,000 of them who KNEW their OT were afraid to fight Goliath only 1 man was standing CALLED DAVID.

    *All those men filled with learning were sent home and Gideon found only 300 men to defend their nation and kill the enemy.

    * Caleb and Joshua - 2 men out from millions who did not die in the wilderness.
    see 'religion'' did not help the others did it?
    seeing miracles even did not help them to survive death in the wilderness.

    they escaped from Egypt [type of the world] but still died.
    Like the divisional church, they escaped yet died too.
    what killed them do u think?
    UNBELIEF did its satanic work.
    sown into every heart is the strong cord of UNBELIEF - ''doubting thomas'' was not alone.
    most men want their religion to agree with their reasoning.

    Jesus NEVER ONCE agreed to his own reasoning but only ever DID THE FATHER'S WILL.
    Did u know Victor this is the BEST POSITION in the whole universe to be IN.
    NEVER DO our own will but His......this takes into divine places.

    So why not................
    allow the Holy Spirit to inform you OF A VICTORIOUS FAITH that works and overcomes all things perhaps you have forgotten you are firstly a spiritual being, lowered into the wilderness of vanity
    to be tested and tried and to be APPROVED to rule and reign with HIM as Co Heirs upon His throne,.

    APPROVED means=
    to be faithfull to His word no matter what.

    only a few make it we are told as few find eternal life.
    did u see this Victor - the bible says FIND ETERNAL LIFE.
    So what does the rest find?

    I have learnt a strange lesson after many years of overcoming all my tests and trials.... I NOW VIEW from a spiritual perspective first rather from my faulty human reasonings.

    C.O.N.V.E.R.T.E.D. from soulish thinking that was murdering me slowly.

    GO SPIRITUAL first and NEVER ALLOW your human flesh mind to INTERFER no matter what.

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    Unregistered Guest


    A THEORY of putting a man bewteen u and your Real Father.
    Hence so MANY divisional churches all with their OWN THEORY of ''we are the true church''.

    When the Holy Spirit teaches HE TEACHES ALL His spiritual university pupils the same lessons.
    Plus none are built on A THEORY.

    Again notice
    it is the HOLY SPIRIT that BUILDS OUR FATHER'S HOUSE, never man.

    SO! to PROVE that bible hermeneutics is a lie of man, Plus containing the 'spirit' of Hermes = look at all the contradictory church teachings.

    notice please
    all those diverse teachings cannot all be right.

    it is the HOLY SPIRIT WHO OPENS UP HIS SCRIPTURES...notice this word ''HIS'' SCRIPTURES.

    Using religius man with their HERMENEUTIC theories - the bible can be used to PROVE almost anything.

    ABBA our true Father , cannot contradict Himsef, yet churches do.
    Infact they are a mass of contradictions.

    Abba is NOT the author of CONFUSION yet religious hermeneutics is.

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    Jun 2007
    I think the main issue is that of discernment on the part of those who seek the truth. Paul tells us in Corinthians that God has given the ministry of teaching to some, but each individual has to be wise in who they chose to follow, letting the Holy Spirit lead them.
    1Cor.12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

    Never trust anything you are afraid to question ~

    To know oneself is to know the universe...

    Live Fully...Love Extravagantly...For the sake of Goodness

    Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matt.10:16

    Come let us reason together...Isa.1:18
    My new Blog site: God and Butterfly

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    Jan 2010
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hey Guest Man

    Hey, Grasshopper (Guest Man, well at least I think thats what you are judging by your style). Have you checked out my site yet, I'm still waiting on you registering so that we can get more acquainted.
    You know we can tell that your reasonably versed in the scriptures which is great, but you tend to delve or overemphasize certain verses without taking the whole in summation, your showing signs of teen angst, classical mid Capricorn (only to better understand the character, Oh we don't do occulty stuff around here, or do we? But that was in our last convo. and it would be good to change the taste).
    By the way, Vic is right too many words especially when they're out of context or start to go way out Left field (or Right, depending how you dress sir) only ends up alienating the readers.
    See people get into forums for many reasons. Yes, most of us here do fall way short of Jesus, but when you choose to operate that mind of yours in the benevolent rather the malevolent, strange things start to happen. You start to gravitate around good people and become a blessing to others. Now I'm not one to boast, but in '08 which was one of the worst financial years we had in a while, between my wife and I and our two daughters 3yo and 1yo, turned over about 20 Thou, yet we still managed to give $7,000 to Gods Kingdom how we chose fit, as well as put a roof and gutter on a pergola for a widow worth $1,500 and did another roof and gutter worth about the same for a disabled center all for the love Jesus showed us. See the bible clearly states we all fall short, but if every body does their bit your attitude would change, look at Keith Green, follow his life, stay away from the spiritual Guru's:- Ghandi, Mohammed, Buddha, L.Ron(swinger)Hubbard, Jim(bloody)Jones etc. and focus on the quiet achievers you've got there in the states, if thats where your from. "Come on Mate" as we say here in Aussie Land and show your self what you can do in Jesus' name. Lord, bless our guest with clear vision and a renewed desire to carry out your mandate, in Jesus' mighty name Amen!

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