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Thread: The Number 144

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    May I add a detail that isn?t in the scriptures. According to old traditions regarding the great pyramid of Giza -Khufu that is- the number of casing stones (white tura limestone now absent from the pyramid but some still visible on khafre the one next to it) was 144000. This is the interesting indeed. (Yes Fiona it?s me writing this and well done for finding it FYI). The number you are interested in, isn?t 144 but 72. And 72 years is how long it takes for the night sky to shift by one degree of arc on the precession of the equinoxes. 72 is also remarkable in pure maths as it divides by 1,2,3,4,6,8 and 9. Just adding to the discussion. A very interesting discussion indeed. The full precession cycle is over 25000 years, a change of 1 degr? of arc over 72 years would not be noticeable, but clearly the ancients knew about it.

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    Just to add to this (extremely interesting) discussion. Something not in the scriptures: according to old sources, the number of white Tura casing stones on the great pyramid of Giza (Khufu that is) were 144000. I always wondered why this number was also popping up in esoteric literature regarding the pyramids, nevertheless, it is. There are nearly no casing stones left on Khufu (Kheops) apart from at the base which was under the sand (they apparently fell after a massive earthquake in Cairo in the 13th century, to be reused later to rebuild Cairo). But they are still visible on Khafre, it s neighbor. It is interesting indeed because of the passages of the OT where Khem is mentioned. Now I believe the number you are interested in is 72 rather than 144. 72 is very interesting because it divides by 1,2,3,4,6,8 and 9. It also takes 72 years for the night sky to shift by 1 degree of arc following the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. The precession takes over 25000 years for a full cycle, and a shift one degree of arc would not be noticeable over a lifetime (72 years), the ancient knew about this nonetheless. How did they know? Well it seems that the OT is filled with astronomical references, but scholars do not believe that ancient people knew about this phenomena. (Yes F One its me writing this, well done for finding it you beautiful sausage roll).


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    AwarenessOfTheOneness Guest

    Are you ready for mic drop moments?

    I dont have much time today but I will briskly convey a few fascinating discoveries I encountered along my journey.

    Firstly, anyone who ridicules Nassim Haramein is closed minded and brain washed. Do you have any inkling what that gentlemen has achieved? Laughed out of conventions only to be brought back decades later and given awards.... chastising him exposes a lack of knowledge and your own personal integrity morally and scientifically.

    Now, on with the show;

    144 is indeed the 12th Fibonacci number, in addition, every 12th Fibonacci number is divisible by 144

    The suns radius is 432,000, which is divisible by 144 = 3,000

    Precision of the Equinox requires 25,920 days to reset, divisible by 144 = 180

    Tetracyts are sacred equilateral triangles said to be "the root of all nature". Add them up properly; 48+36= 84... and now add the 60 degree's = 144

    24 hours consists of 144,000 minutes

    Using Golden Ratio numbers; .618 & 1.618


    The two most prevelant angles in nature!

    137 is the 33rd prime number (Jesus died at 33)
    137 is the last prime number created with all primes
    1/137 = Fine Structure Constant!
    Element 137
    Pyramid of Giza is 137 meters tall
    Ark of Noah is 137 meters long
    The most common age of death in the Bible is 137

    I've run out of time but there is much more. Seek and you shall find. Keep it Golden!! (;

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    Milagros Guest

    Question I'm seeing 144 number everywhere what this a mean? I have a dream the Jesus is coming

    Quote Originally Posted by ImBarbara View Post

    Thank you so much Richard!! There's so much information you gave me that's incredible...I have alot of study.
    Amazingly, my husband and I were discussing the elect only 2 days before I came to BibleWheel, without even an inkling of the gematria of the word...that was the LORD speaking through you. We both thank you for all this information and you've opened the doors to us for alot more study!!!

    So, can I ask your opinion on the 144 hours in the 6 days of creation; and the 1440 minutes in a day? Do you think the 12 x 12 was imbedded in the very foundation and order of the earth?

    We've been studying all of the sevens in Revelation - we now want to study all of the 12's now that you've given us more of an understanding!!

    Thank you again, so very much!

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    Talking Here is a good one

    I got a good one that God just gave me a revelation on. I don't know if this is new for anybody or not but last night I was reading the Bible and I was reading Luke chapter 10 verses 1 thru 12 and it talked about the 72 that Jesus appointed and sent out in pairs to make a way for him and preach that the kingdom is near. Now with his soon-to-be return 2000 years later if you take 72 x 2000 that equals 144000... bet you that's what the 144 thousand in Revelation is is going to be doing preparing the way for the kingdom is near and his return is at hand

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