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    Well in 430 years there would be 430/49 * 8 years of rest = 70.204 years of rest..

    Every 7 years there was a year of rest, and there was an extra year of rest every 7 x 7 years.

    This means that 70 years of rest would be achieved over a period of exactly 429 years, and the next year of rest would be 6 years later.

    So in a period of 430 years, 70 years of rest would have occurred, and they would be awaiting the next year of rest in 5 years time.


    A new covenant was given every 430 years, when God seems to have drawn especially close. And this coincided with a cycle of 70 years of rest - which makes sense because the Sabbath was the very time when people were supposed to be forgiven of their debts and sins, and allowed to return home... when sins were forgiven, and God could draw near.
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