View Full Version : Another Parable of the Sower

12-23-2008, 08:57 AM
There was once a man who threw out seed onto a patch of land. He watered it and the sunlight shone on it, yet nothing happened. After some time, he tested the soil and found out it was dead. There were no nutrients in it. He went out and purchased some good soil with nutrients in it, took it to this plot of land, and replaced the bad soil with this new good soil that contained life. Now, he took more seed and threw it out and this time it produced a bountiful crop.

Here is the explanation:

The man was God the Father. The dead ground was us in Adam. The seed is the law. The original meaning of the Hebrew word for law is "thrown-seed." When God gave his law to man it could not bear fruit because it was placed in dead hearts. The seed, that is, the law, was fine; there was nothing wrong with it. The problem was us, the soil it was put in. The law merely showed their dead condition.

To remedy the problem, God the Father had Jesus come to replace his life with ours. Then, he sowed the law into those good hearts and it is fulfilled in us, as a bountiful crop.