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09-14-2008, 07:33 AM
Divine numbers & 2701

There is definitely mathematical evidence of a Universal Designer ( God, Creator, Intelligence ) when the simple numerical equivalents of the components of the solar system and atoms are considered, instead of their perceived measurements in whatever units ( miles, kilometres, nanometres etc ).

I call these ‘divine’ numbers, and use them to examine Creation.

Sun is 12 ( reduces to 3, known as its fadic value; 1+2= 3).
‘Trinity’ version of Sun is 31
Distance Sun to Earth is 13 (4).
Earth is 11 (2).
Distance Earth to Moon is 347 ( 14, then 5 )
Moon is 3.
Making use of these digits, you can obtain 31 4 2 and 3 1..4..1 5.
The numbers 3142 and 31415, which you might recognize as the first digits of the mathematical constant called pi.

The first 7 words in Genesis, chapter 1, in the Bible:
"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth".

The Hebrew gematria of these 7 words evaluates 2701

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth".

It is believed that hydrogen and helium atoms from the subatomic particles, produced after the Big Bang, coalesced millions of years later, due to attractive forces, to form stars ( suns ). Nuclear reactions within them brought about the birth of other different atoms of the chemical elements. The explosion of any sun on its death spews out atoms or dust, which unite to form planets.

Hydrogen was the first manifestation of matter, which "gave birth" to all other atoms of the 100 or so different chemical elements (such as carbon, oxygen, iron), which constitute all material objects.

Dimensions of the Vesica Piscis in the Hydrogen molecule:
The pointed oval shaped region where the two hydrogen atoms intersect is called the vesica piscis. Using divine numbers, the perimeter of vesica piscis calculates to 2701

BOTH the BIBLE & the HYDROGEN MOLECULE contain the number 2701.

2701 = 37x73
37 the reflection of 73.
37 & 73 to me depict LIGHT……7 spectrum colours, 3 primary ones

Hydrogen & God

Hydrogen is the component of any new star or sun. HYDROGEN originally manifested from NOTHING, ( due to the WORD, in the Bible, or THOUGHTS of our Creator ) or the BIG BANG ( theory of astrophysicists ). Thus suns were formed by the aggregation of hydrogen. Nuclear reactions within them brought about the birth of other different atoms of the chemical elements. Explosion of any sun on its death spews out atoms or dust, which later coalesce to form planets.

It comes as no surprise then that the ancient Egyptians worshipped RA or RE, the SUN GOD, and that "the belief of many pharaohs was: "after their death, they would go on a spiritual journey to the constellation of Orion to BECOME a STAR".

Our soul's journey back to the Creator could indeed involve the hydrogen atom, the progenitor of all other atoms, which were designed by our Creator to be the building bricks of the human's perceptive world, because hydrogen, the initial ingredient of all original stars(suns), is the nearest step BACK to the BEGINNING and our Creator.

Hydrogen is the first manifestation of matter and is likely to carry the original knowledge & memory of our Creator ( a sea of energy (subatomic particles - the quantum world of reality and MIND ). This UNIVERSAL MIND had a THOUGHT, made a PLAN, from which HYDROGEN atoms were the very first to be MANIFESTED in another PLANE of EXISTENCE, to become STARS. These would produce the other 100 or so different atoms of the chemical elements during their lifetime.

Vibrational Energy of the Hydrogen Atom
Every atom and molecule has a particular frequency or vibrational energy.
Hydrogen's is 142 MHz (megahertz).
Sound frequencies tend to be expressed as 2 to power n. For example if n = 3 then the result is 8, since 2 to power 3 means 2x2x2.

In the same way142 MHz can be expressed as 2 to power 17.115531 MHz.

The power n in the case of hydrogen is 17.115531 certainly contains knowledge when its digits are separated into 17, 11, 55 and 31, numbers of immense significance and importance:
1- the 17 principle ( for example the ONE white light contains SEVEN spectral rays;
2- the divine values of Earth in space & time 11 & 55 ( time = half space )
3- the 3 ‘in’1 principle ( the TRIUNE or HOLY TRINITY;
THREE PRIMARY rays, red, green blue in ONE white light ).

The Architect of the Universe has imprinted these special numbers on the hydrogen atom.

These numbers verify hydrogen's creative function, and inform us that hydrogen is "involved" in the generation of the Earth, as an object (space implied), in time which "incurs" 17 and 31. The (WHOLE) ONE, which depends upon a primary three, and a seven, in both the physical and spiritual planes.

An atom of hydrogen atom contains ONE proton in its nucleus, about which ONE electron moves in an orbit, depicting 11, the number ELEVEN ( planet Earth divine number ).

Two scientific measurements associated with hydrogen are its atomic radius of 0.12 nanometre and its covalent one of 0.037nm. ( One thousand million, 1000,000,000 or 10 to power 9 nanometres make one metre. )

As divine numbers they are 1074 and 331 respectively

Referring to earlier divine numbers 331 consists of Moon value (3) AND Sun ‘trinity (31).

Whilst 1074 consists ( 10 – ‘everything which came from nothing’, the 7 spectrum rays
or ‘days of creation’ and 4, the subsidiary spectral colours ( yellow, orange, indigo &
violet in white light).

The fadic value of 1074 is 12, the result of 1 plus 0 plus 7 plus 4 ( reduces to 3 ).

Hydrogen is the chief ingredient of a sun/star.
Here we can see how the atomic diameter of hydrogen and Sun value
are connected by the number 12.

Jesus chose 12 disciples just like King Arthur had 12 Knights of the Round Table.

Hydrogen's divine number 331 is based upon the Creator and the two solar bodies, which regulate the Earth. There is an expected correlation between the divine numbers of Sun and hydrogen, when their fadic values are each equivalent to 3 ( hydrogen's 1074 is 12 or 3; Sun's is 12 or 3, like the Moon's 3 ).

Hydrogen and Sun are correlated by divine numbers 1074 & 12.

The fadic value of hydrogen is 7, the result of 3 plus 3 plus 1.
All the other atoms of the different 100 or so elements such as copper, gold, aluminium, carbon, oxygen, and so on, also have a fadic number of 7.

The 7 colours of the rainbow or spectrum enable the perception of our environment composed of atoms, other SEVENS.