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12-05-2019, 12:57 PM
Buddhism has special coherence for the scientific turn of mind, and it is no coincidence that many countries have both in great abundance: Japan and its dozens of schools, California and the general and much-noted tech proliferation of both, and India. Now, I have come upon what perhaps is an original insight after getting a post deleted elsewhere.. the quote at hand was this, which I wrote myself:

The real importance of any 'secret fire' are not the external signs, but the whole Sun if righteousness affair, living according to true nature.


"Dweller on Two Planets", a channeled book on Atlantis, was my source for that one, and I recommend you read it, as an example of a society that was actually rationally organized, and one to which one might attune himself. As for its reality, the pyramids of Caiphul, as described in the book, have already been described off Cuba, and the book itself mentions its inheritance among the Aztecs and the Inca. Should really put the myth on its head to consider the very different mindset ruling the planet then.


But on to the TL;DR. Dainichi Nyorai above, the Vairocana Sun Buddha of Shingon Buddhism, stands at the center of a great mandala in Koyasan, set up in the 800s by Kobo Daishi, and the presence of the statue interfaces with Shingon theology, which states all might be revealed to a practitioner who accurately correlates the Diamond Realm Mandala and the Womb Realm Mandala, understanding conditioned earthly existence as a prerequisite and an exquisitely designed stairway to enlightenment. Would much recommend Philip Nicoloff's "Sacred Koyasan", where I learned all I know about that time-space nexus of golden coherence. Fun part is, the founder of the place was also an engineer who designed the Japanese hiragana script, a dam, and the poem Japanese children still use to this day to learn their ABCs.. just as Charlemagne's line in the West was preparing to go full darkness, on the other side of Eurasia light was establishing a very fruitful kingdom. It is my contention that just as relics of medieval saints, or cathedrals for that matter, can lead the worshiper into a specific vibration by the presence of all their stone, a few conveniently shaped and arranged technological objects might produce another conducive to enlightenment, and thus a few plugs and spinning devices give the seeker a homing frequency to which they might adjust their own, gaining much-needed first-hand experience of what it feels to be in harmony without a teacher and through easily reproducible means.



Now wouldn't that be great, that just as 5G and ill thoughts reduce human vibration, a USB lamp and a 5-dollar device could create what you need in the world? Will update the thread as I build it. The idea is to have all the teachings be fractal, so you can seize the essence in an instant, read a book to take a walk around it, or dedicate to the growth of sentient revelation ages and ages of reincarnations. Planet Earth is a machine to produce something, and I aim to make it go at full steam.

From Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles". I've been meaning to write a book and this may be the place. Cheerio!