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08-08-2018, 09:57 AM
Wikipedia mentions that the Venetian Republic started in 697 and ended in 1797, 1100 years as Napoleon brought it to an end.

Strangely, the price given to Delilah for the betrayal of Samson was 1100 pieces of silver per Philistine lord (Judges 16). And the lost 1100 pieces of silver was found by Micah (Judges 17).

And in the 11th century the Doges of Venice (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doges_of_Venice) intermarried with the Byzantine royalty, as well as the Hungarian Royalty and the Holy Roman Empire royalty.

From the Byzantine perspective, in the 11th century the Venetians were granted to bring their goods with no customs. But there was an abuse in the system, the Venetians were jailed or expelled. This led to provoke the Venetians as they participated in the 4th Crusade to possess a fraction of Constantinople in 1204 with Doge Enrico Dandolo.

Theodora Anna Doukaina Selvo was a Byzantine princess who married a doge. She was known for rendering herself extremely unpopular because of her aristocratic bearing and haughty manner like Jezebel (but Jezebel was married into royalty but she married the Doge of Venice).

Maria Argyropoulaina and Giovanni Orseolo: Giovanni married Maria Argyre, who was the daughter of Basil II's second cousin and future emperor Romanos III Argyros and Elena Sklerina.

Grimelda of Hungary, was a dogaressa of Venice by marriage to the doge Otto Orseolo (r. 1009-1026). She was the daughter of G?za, Grand Prince of the Hungarians.

Stephen I Kre?imirović King of Croatia married Hicela Orseolo.

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