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07-16-2018, 07:45 AM
The word for voice in Hebrew is Qol and Cry out is Qra. They are both Qof words, the 19th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

The 19th book is Psalms a cry unto God. Acts 19 (as well as John 19) the crowd cried out against Jesus Christ during his crucifixion and Paul in Ephesus. But focusing on Acts 19 they cried out conflicting things.

The 19th century was the rise of the ideologies. The -isms. Giuseppe Mazzini through Masonry caused most of Europe to cry out against their kings and emperors for sovereignty through the Young movement (Mark the 19th book of the 2nd Cycle was the young Evangelist/Gospel writer. It is also the 41st book overall. And Rehoboam being 41 years old was considered young, or took council from the young counselors in 1Kings 12).

Mazzini and Marx seemed to be opponents in ideologies. Mazzini criticized the Catholic Church in one way and the Protestants in another way, claiming them to be divided among themselves. Mazzini created the Young movements that swept across Europe, and was a member of the Action Party. Jesus in Mark's Gospel was a man of action. Mark was the running Gospel.

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