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01-20-2018, 05:45 PM
The 30 years war in 1618-1648 (17th century) seems to be related to the theme in Acts 17 where there is a religious war. Well it had more to do with land and power but the front is religious.

Referring to Thessalonica in Acts 17. Also 30 is related to Amos which is on Spoke 8 as well as 1Thessalonians.

So the 30 years war usher in the Age of Reason as Paul flees from Thessalonica and at the end of Acts 17 he ends up in Athens where he?s reasoning through the Scriptures.

The Ottoman Empire was actually supporting the Reformation to limit the Holy Roman Empire reigning from Austria Austrian. On the other hand Cardinal Richelieu financially aided Denmark and Sweden to participate. And at the end he sent the French to limit them from entering France.

On the subject of the 30 years war:

Bruce Gore