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01-20-2018, 05:26 PM
Bernard of Clairvaux, the late 11th century and early 12th century


Bernard seemed to be an Elijah and Elisha making miracles as shown in the 11th and 12th books of the bible 1 and 2 Kings.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters and the 10th-13th letters form a word when read backwards. It says ?מַלְכִּי? which means ?my king?. And the 10th-13th books of the Bible were 2Samuel (the reign of David) -1Chronicles (the reign of David and Solomon).

The 10th-13th centuries were the period of the Holy Roman Empire, at least the beginning.

Even as there was the Great Schism between the Western Rome and Byzantium in the 11th century there was also a schism between Northern Israel and Southern Judah and Benjamin. Both the Middle Ages and 1 and 2 Kings had periods of wars.

Even as Bernard was focused on agriculture there was focus on agriculture in 2Kings 2-8 at the time of Elisha.

Bernard was someone who wasn?t afraid to rebuke authorities just as Elijah and Elisha.