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08-31-2017, 09:13 AM
Stop studying gematria, if you are a Christian and are doing so, in your pride to be the first to prove the Protestant Bible is the WORD OF GOD.

You will literally and mathematically tripping off readers and viewers and young Christians, because your basis is wrong and bogus.

Yes, Gematria is valid for Genesis 1 and a few other places, but NOT for your Protestant Bible that was canonised for the Protestant Church in the 1800's. But thats it, know when to quit, because your Protestant Bible is not the WORD OF GOD.

Here we go, JESUS and HIS WORDS and HIS direct Prophecy through His PROPHETS is the WORD OF GOD. For a mathematical Creator to be mathematically exact in His words, and via His NUMBERS then you have to have those exact wordfs to get exact gematria. Your Protestant Bible is not the exact WORD OF GOD. Its still gets any searcher to their knees in accepting the Lord, called Jesus Yahweh, etc etc.... and THEN they can get wisdom and discernment from their CREATOR.

But you thinking you are going to be mathematical and break a supposed Bible Code is bogus and false and is easily disproven, making it a curse rather than a blessing.

Gematria is plus or minus 1 number. Its inexact and is dependaant on SPELLING andf spelling can be manipulated to fit or not fit. Let it go !

All the Books of your Protestant Bible are not the nly BOOKS of the Lord, and some of your books are definitely not straight exact from the Lord.

Thsi again is your shortcoming and based on Protestant church pride.

WHY, because the deplorable self righteous Protestants for the most part worship their own righteousnes, most of them saying..'WE BELIEVE~ALL THE BIBLE and EVERY WORD< JOT and TITLE of the BIBLE' This they think is their pride and righteousness, even though every cult and every church says the same thing, and yet they dont become missionaries and go to the ends of the Earth with the LOVE OF JESUS. They just say, they think right, they believe right, for THEY believe ALL THE BIBLE. UGH !!

When they say ALL< they mean ALL in this instance.

They say that every verse is sacrosanct and divine... every period, comma, every broken sentence with its numerical verse, they think has meaning and importance. Therefore they start adding them together, dividing them, seeing how many chapters there are and verses within, and books as if that is DIVINE APPOINTED, the end all be all.

So with these numbers they start a bogus gematria com[pilation once again, thinking they will prove to the heathen that the Protestant Bible is PROOF of the Lord's DESIGN.

They saying, what Paul wrote about women is true and divine and can not be countered because it is an ETERNAL TRUTH mathetically showing patriarchy is true and mathematical and by DESIGN.

And on and on they go, all formulated from their mistake and pride.

Easily manipulated and easily debunked and a further hindrance to bringing people to CHRIST.



Ill give you an example from the web following.... its ludicrous and outrageous, even though submitted by a friend of mine... to me.

09-01-2017, 08:44 AM
Couldnt find this post of mine, as it is a start of 'Gematria is bogus'... thread.

Which I just started in Christianity Forum...