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David M
10-13-2014, 03:38 AM
In another thread, I said that the limit of resolution was presented as a problem for science. The need to increase resolution is apparent, if more understanding is required. Whilst looking for an article on the subject of; the limits of gravity, I have come across the following article; The limits of Gravity, Space and Time ... (http://www.astronomytoday.com/cosmology/gravity.html)

Please give your views after reading the article.

One way of increasing resolution of instruments on earth is to send instruments into space that can make the sensitive measurements and relay the results back to earth. Hence statements such as; "Through the power of resolution, we will travel 45 light-years in only 20 years time". That I can understand. What is less understandable is all the scientific conjecture such as WIMPS and String Theory etc...

There are plenty of planned missions to push the envelope on resolution and find answers from cosmology that are perhaps not duplicated on earth by particle accelerators trying to create the conditions of the Big Bang in fantastically small time periods after the start of the Big Bang. New theories are abounding, but are they mere hypotheses? So long as scientists can make a case for attempting to push forward the boundary, we (as tax-payers via the governments) will keep funding them.

The science has become so esoteric, that while the theories abound, they will have no practical value or make sense to most of us. High energy particles like neutrinos coming from outer space are only observed by housing large specialized detectors deep underground. The rate of detection can be very slow. Talking of Atomic Fossils, I quote; "The highest-energy particles, however, are very rare - striking once per square kilometer per century. As such, no more than a few have been identified with ground-based detectors".

As I stated in another post, we only have a lifetime to find the answers. The answers we find are the difference between life and death. We do not have long enough to wait for science to come up with the definitive answer which might not be what atheists would wan to hear. Science might never come up with the answer and because of reaching a limit of resolution, come up against the barrier beyond which is only known to God.

I thank God that through his revealed word and interaction with men and women on record, we have abundant evidence that his word is true, and thank God for the Wisdom that he imparts to us (which is not of man's origin). I can come to a decision without having to wait for science to finally concede that it is impossible to find out the things that belong to God.