View Full Version : From the Mailbag - When were the sofit values established?

Richard Amiel McGough
08-01-2008, 11:36 AM
I received this question from Jose in Peru this morning:

Hi, thanks for your information. I wanna know since when final nun is 700? I want to know if that equivalence was valid in the first century. I need to know your sources of information. I will thank you and God will bless you. Jose
Hi Jose,

It is good to meet you. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall when the alternate values of the five sofit (final) forms were assigned, but the values listed on my site are universally accepted and acknowledge by all authorities on the Hebrew alphabet as far as I know. The question of what was known at the time when the books of the Bible were composed is not relevant in my undestanding because I do not believe that the patterns were intentionally designed by the humans God used to produce them. For example, it is almost certain that the alphabetic correlation did not exist at the time of the composition of Genesis 1;1, yet it exhibits clear signs of being deliberately designed. Thus, the fact that the values were not assigned, let alone known, at the time of composition gives evidence that any genuine patterns must have been designed by God.

Also, in my understanding the sofit values are 'secondary' values that might give additional insight but the standard values (such as 50 for both nun and nun-sofit) yield the 'primary' or most significant results.

Thanks for the geat question! Please don’t hesitate to write with any followups. I have posted this on my forum here. Feel free to answer there.

God bless,


PS: If anyone reading this can find a source that identifies when the sofit values were assigned, please post it here or send me an email.