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08-31-2014, 04:39 PM
:) Consider, if you will, the egg: and how it's good to eat,
whether sunnyside or scrambled, it surely is a treat...
Hard-boiling it will keep it from making such a mess,
and everybody knows you can't return it to the nest.

Consider, if you will, the egg: and its astounding age,
Only three weeks from creation, it begins the chicken stage!
First it must escape the plate, and other gruesome deadly fate,
But victory is very sweet to eggs which have no hands or feet.

Consider, if you will, the egg: and how it's like a seed,
With all that gooey mess inside becoming a new breed.
The yolk and white together forming fuzzy little chicks,
So kids the wide world over can rejoice and get their kicks.

But only if the Rooster has equipped the egg for life,
Otherwise the egg is only fit for fork and knife.

Consider, if you will, the egg: in all its rounded glory,
but if the egg is on your face, that's quite another story.
The blood of Christ is offered: eternal life is true,
Read all about it in the Bible, or get prepared to rue...

As "seeds", mankind can be planted in the grave but will arise in the resurrection, assuming they really do contain that new life, and in this sense the seeds are pregnant; whether male or female. Jacob's trouble. It's a logic which agrees with how Jesus is the "seed" (John 12:24, 1Pet1:23) whom God planted on the earth for the purpose of obtaining and gathering a harvest of sons and daughters. This poem aims at the comparison between seeds and eggs, emphasizing how unfertilized eggs will never develop life or become caviar, but are only good for scrambling. Figuratively it applies to individuals who refuse to accept the truth of what Jesus said, and how his blood on the cross was crucial for eternal life. It's a truth that sets free from thinking your Daddy once swung from a tree!