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06-20-2007, 08:57 AM
Back in the 90's I spent a couple of months with the Ben Israel fellowship in Minnesota. Their teachings were a great catalyst in my understanding of Scripture, especially the plight of the Jewish nation. Art Katz is the head and Reggie has a long history with Art as a spokesman for BI. The BI ministry was established to be a refuge, spiritually and physically, in time of great crisis. Reggie sent me this request this morning.

I would very much appreciate prayer for my wife, Connie. I'm leaving now to take her back a second time to the hospital. She has been very ill over the last few days and not able to keep food down, vomiting and no appetite. It seems quite threatening. We haven't been able to get a clear diagnosis that can adequately account for these kinds of symptoms, but the Lord knows. For those of you that do not feel as spiritually vital as you might wish, know that I also feel my great lack as well, but do not imagine that your prayer does not count. The body needs each other, whether we're weak or strong at the time. So please, hold us in your hearts especially during this threatening crisis, as our God is able to do exceedingly above and beyond all that we could even ask or think. We have His Word on it. Ever yours in the Beloved, Reggie

I'm taking this moment to update all of our friends on Connie's condition. The battle has continued to rage with no clear diagnosis as yet, but this morning I had to rush Connie to the ER with serious chest pain. Tests showed she had suffered a heart attack of some kind. I can only infer that this was induced by the weakening from the infection that her body is fighting. As I write this, she is being care flighted to Fargo ND where there is a facility better equipped to care for this kind of thing. Thank all of you for your love and concern to watch with us in prayer during this crisis time. Your deeply indebted brother, Reggie

06-27-2007, 11:24 PM
:) This is my first opportunity to sit down and update all our friends concerning Connie's condition. Only the Lord can repay the debt we feel towards all of you that gave of yourselves to hold us up in prayer. God has had mercy on us!

For some two days after returning home from the hospital, Connie continued to run a slight fever. This was a continued cause of concern only because the virus that had initially invaded the heart causing the attack had never been unidentified. But today, I am happy to report that this is now the second full day that she has been completely fever free and is regaining strength and appetite.

It turns out she had some mysterious virus that went into her heart through an infected valve. At one point her fever rose to 104, very menacing. The virus rendered the lower lobe of the heart temporarily dysfunctional. The doctor said that we were very fortunate, as this kind of thing has taken many lives, and even very young people sometimes only survive by means of a transplant. So manifestly the Lord arrested it just in time. I am certain this was due to your prayers. We are told that the angiogram revealed some evidence of damage to the wall of the heart, but its extent will not be fully known until the post-rehab check-up that will return us to Fargo in six months. We are trusting that they will not find a trace of damage. Tests did reveal some residual atherosclerosis that is treatable, and some urgent treadmill commitment on Connie's part is also part of the recommended regimen for recovery. She will begin the rebuilding program after three weeks of important rest.

During my time at the hospital with Connie, I heard a very reassuring report that Art looked much better and had made his own breakfast that morning. I was jubilant, hoping now to return home with a restored wife and a rebounding Art. However, we were saddened to find on our return that he had lapsed into the worst condition that I've seen him in since the onset of this disease. Still, as I said in a recent email to a friend, Art is still with us, and God is still God. We prayed, sang, and broke bread, then cleared the room for the family that was flying in and gathering around him. Guest have been streaming in and out every day.

I need not tell you that it is an extraordinarily turbulent time for the Ben Israel family. Words fail to express the gratitude that we feel for the love of the body. It is a glorious thing. I believe we shall soon see more of what all this means, but regardless of what we understand in this time, Rom 8: 28 remains staggering in its glorious implications for every true believer, regardless of circumstance or stage of growth. He is preparing the way for the greater revelation of His glory in our hearts.

Your very grateful brother, Reggie

06-28-2007, 07:31 PM
:pray::pray::pray:I don't want to wear out the saints, but please renew your prayers for Connie. After two days of reprieve, the fever has returned, and the danger is that the virus that initially attacked her heart is back. It is a very threatening and mysterious thing that we seem to be up against. We learned only an hour ago that Art's struggle has ended. It is a very sobering time and you may be sure that with all that is in me, I want to 'back track' and review and see if in anything I've grieved, missed, or provoked the Lord. If so, pray that light and repentance is given in time to turn this curse away from my wife. Your deeply grateful brother, Reggie Kelly

06-29-2007, 04:12 PM
:)Thank you all for your continued prayer for Connie. I am happy to report that her fever has abated. The doctor explained that it was not unusual for a patient to have sporadic fevers with the kind of virus that invaded Connie's heart. He further explained that while it could not be ruled out as a threat, it is more typical that the greatest danger is past after the virus has passed its initial peak. If the patient survives that dangerous period, a steady improvement with occasional set backs is typical. It was quite jarring when this thing appeared to be making a come back. I've never appreciated the body of Christ more in my life. Your very appreciative brother, Reggie