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04-01-2014, 07:55 AM
It nearly goes unnoticed in Genesis 44 when Joseph ordered that his own silver cup be "planted" in his younger brother Benjamin's sack -- no explanation is given anywhere in the Old Testament concerning why he would want to frame him and have him labeled as a thief. Joseph and Benjamin were full brothers; born of the supposedly barren Rachel who had died giving birth to Benjamin. In hindsight, their names: Joseph ("the Lord will add a son") and Benjamin ("son of the right hand") are clearly applicable to Jesus who wouldn't be born in Bethlehem for another two thousand years.

The psalms tell us how "my CUP runneth over", Ps23:5, so that we aren't ignorant of figurative "cups", but the allegorical clincher is when Jesus declares in the Garden of Gethsemane: "The CUP which my Father has given me--shall I not drink it"?

GOD gave Jesus the cup, just as Joseph gave the cup to Benjamin! That's the allegory! :yo: Now we're chewing on Eagle Food instead of regurgitated buzzard food!

The scripture "He was numbered with the transgressors", Isa53:12 & Mk15:28, reminds us that Benjamin wasn't really a thief (the cup had been PLANTED in his sack, and he wasn't involved in the bloody coat event) and of how Jesus was different from those he was crucified with... Joseph didn't reveal himself to his brothers on their first visit, but he told them they must surely have the little brother Benjamin with them when they returned. Likewise, the Jews didn't recognize their King, and if you don't have Jesus in your heart when He returns, you won't be going with Him!


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