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02-28-2014, 08:12 AM
THE BEAUTIFUL FEET Bob Smith, Tucson AZ, 8/88

To the Jews God gave special instructions concerning what they could eat,
and the strange thing about it was, it depended a lot on the feet!
The beast in the stable wasn't fit for the table unless it had a divided hoof,
It had to chew the cud besides--all other meat was considered uncouth.

If it came out of the water it must be a fish, cause it had to have fins and scales,
and that rules out not just lobster & crab, but also catfish & whales!

What's the meaning behind these rules? Is it something we ought to know?
Were these laws given special to the Hebrews to show us the way we should go?
They seemed to thrive on what they ate before they entered Canaan Land,
So I think the reason for these rules was so that WE would understand...

"It isn't the food that goes in your mouth that defiles you", Jesus said,
It's the food in your mind that defiles you--the thoughts that are in your head.
Washing your hands before eating is good; like washing the outside of a cup,
But the thing that's really important is that you have a clean heart when you sup.

When you chew the good food of the Word, it's kind of like chewing gum,
Your jawbone is getting the action, but your mind shouldn't be totally numb.
You're meditating in The Word and considering all that it means,
You aren't swallowing all you've heard, and you know it's more than it seems.

The Body of Christ has many parts, and each part serves a purpose.
It's the Beautiful Feet that carry the Word; that do His special service.
It's the feet that do the walking, and in straight paths they're supposed to go,
and the Word-of-God that accompanies them, must be rightly-divided: Isn't that so?

You'll be clean in the sight of God, when you meditate in His Word,
And keep your feet on the mountain, and let your voice be heard.
When the scales come off your eyes, and the fins direct your way, (5-fold ministry)
You'll be rightly-dividing the living water, a fish that's here to stay!

The physical food of the Old Testament was an example for us to learn by,
But the spiritual food of the New Testament has a taste that money can't buy.
It's the butter and honey that tells right from wrong, It's the meat to make you strong;
It's the true bread of communion for the family of God that puts in your heart a new song.

AMEN? Smile and recite with gusto! :yo: