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01-11-2014, 04:11 AM
Profound absurdities link perception and imagination. If we take the intangible and encapsulate it within the vessel of reason, then we turn it this way and that looking for clues, we may discover something unexpected or we may have to discard the thing and move on. There is an awful lot to sift through and all too often no clear direction, we do this however, because we must.

The universe is dying and can not be rewound. In deep time all of the stars will exhaust their fuel and eventually even the black holes will evaporate. Can we place any hope in nature? Hope is indeterminately linked with the spiritual world.

Having shifted from an agrarian society to an industrial one, Children have steadily moved from benefit to liability. The relationship among the individuals has moved from cooperative to competitive (in local groups) and our ethical bent has shifted from spiritual to materialistic. We appear to be racing towards a cliff and instead of slowing down we are accelerating.

It is strange that what we choose to believe should have such a profound impact on our destiny.

All of life can be summed up in one word, "live".

The consequence of infighting:
We have to agree to identify and solve our problems together or we will be defeated by our own ignorance.

The age of reason has morphed into the age of deceit.

For 150 to 200 years the scientific community has been trying to convince you that everything can be explained as a natural phenomena.
But today science is becoming increasingly metaphysical.
Space/time is an information matrix that obeys the rules that were programmed into it. We see evidence of error correcting codes (adinkras). We see evidence that everything including consciousness is entangled. Why the scientific community has spent the last 200 years trying to convince us that reality is just a cosmic accident, I do not know. I see evidence of an agenda.
The scientific community (or some part of it) is trying to convince you that the truth is relative and can not be proven to be otherwise.

The idea that truth is relative stems from our inability to understand the world around us.
The scientific community is politically motivated so much so that the quest for truth is often replaced by the quest for funding.
The term married the vein refers to a gold miner who becomes so convinced that the gold is there that he loses his objective reasoning and every clue becomes conformation of his prejudice.
Let us not be guilty of this, if in fact we are able.