View Full Version : Sexual abuse in the church

05-26-2008, 06:45 AM
When it comes to the revolting issue of sexual abuse, far too many christians take comfort in the fact that they are not an abuser nor have they condoned or excused such behavior. But if we know Jesus Christ as our Savior we are a part of the body of Christ. When this sin occurs within the body of Christ, we are all affected by it. IN "Daniel 9:4,5"Daniel prayed and confessed the sin of Israel as though it were his own sin. It seems to me that at a time when we should be broken over this sin, that there is a great deal of pride and arrogance, and a relunctance to deal with this sin. But is that not what Paul had to address in "1Cor.5:1,2". Paul rebuked them because of their pride and for the fact that they had not mourned over this sin. We are so busy debating the technicalities of the issues surrounding this sin that we have not taken time to mourn. I believe we as the body of Christ need to seek the forgiveness of those, whose lives have been ravaged by this sin.

Certainly christians are not responsible for all sexual abuse, this seems to be acrossed the board. But we can not escape the fact that this sin lies at our feet as well. Many churches and ministries seem to think that because they screen their employees and counsel the victims that come for help, that they are somehow dealing with the sin. The problem with that is they are only dealing with the tip of the iceburg. Statistics are showing that the vast majority of cases go unreported. So even if we take every case that becomes public, and handle it biblically, but refuse to take steps to deal with this sin in our churches, sunday schools and christian colleges etc., we will have little impact on this issue. We need to all, as the body of Christ, come to grips with this issue. Either we are a part of the solution or we are a part of the problem.