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11-24-2013, 12:09 PM
"Ye are gods" ... Ps82:6

Oh really? How can that be?
I'm simply a mortal being...it's jes' poor little ole me
I'm a wretched sinner, don't you know; I'm bad as bad can be..
but I know that I've been saved by grace, and have the victory.

So why don't you start to act like it, and get up off your face,
and learn the Word so you can be heard, instead of taking up space.
One reason you're a god, is because you have a voice..
but the kind of god you are, is strictly a matter of choice!

You're meant to create the good things, and take dominion in the earth,
To be busy and happy and caring; to be filled with joy and mirth.
Not to wreck havoc and destruction; creating bedlam and despair..
but to live like the Son of God you are: upright, just, and fair.

Your mouth should be a fountain that is used to bless--not curse,
Use it to speak the words of life, instead of to make things worse.
Get rid of that evil talk that lies in the depth of your heart
and it'll change the way you operate, and give you a brand new start.

See yourself as the Bible says you are -- the righteousness of Christ!
A new creation with immortality, because Jesus paid the price!
You're a god who makes the blind to see, and raises up the dead,
and blesses people right and left, just like Jesus said! Jn14:12

Because of you the blind will see -- you'll open their eyes to the truth!
Because of you the dumb will speak -- they'll learn the words of couth.
Because of you the dead will rise, and become spiritual new-creations,
Because Jesus came to make you a god, with millions of new relations!

He put before us a banquet of words, in plain sight of our enemies,
It's a table full of goodies, just meant for us to seize.
He makes us creators, just like him, and gives us dreams and visions,
Now it's up to us to follow through and make those right decisions!

[No punctuation in the oldest versions of Scripture -- maybe it should read
"Ye are God's! Meaning you belong to him.. ]