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10-24-2013, 05:58 AM
Greetings one and all,

Welcome back my friend to the show that does not end.

We're so glad you can attend.

Step right up. Move along. Come inside. Just turn to the right after you enter the door, pick any seat, and enjoy this brief but rewarding awards ceremony as though it were your first. The show is about to begin:

Hello! I hope all you peeps are in good spirits on this beautiful Thalidomidic Thursday.

Moving right along...
I am non,: the Timmy. . .and when they called me on the phone to asked if I'd like to MC this years Anathema Award portion of the Dunderhead Sweepstakes, i was humbled, to say the least...BUT LOOK AT ME NOW, YEAH YOU, LOOK WHOSE GOT THE MICROPHONE. LOOK AND SEE THAT I AM UP HERE ON STAGE AND YOU ARE ONLY ONE OF MANY FILLING THIS AUDITORIUM. THINK ABOUT THAT AND CONSIDER JUST HOW GREAT I REALLY AM. I AM THE MAN OF THE HOUR AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU CAN LUMP IT, OK!?!

With that aside, i want you to purchase my new book, "Humility My Way or The Highway",which you can purchase, and will be found on booksellers bookshelves and storefront displays worldwide, the day after Samhain. Feral Light University, F.L.U.™ has seen this publication through from meager beginnings in that puny 15 bedroom three story mansion, all the way to my new home atop the Manhattan High Rise which gives alot more leg room being one whole 333' by 999' floor overlooking the bridge near the 9/11 WTC monuments of destruction now standing.

Ok, enough said? Get the book and learn how to be as humble as me or just stay dumb.

HEY WHERE's MY MONITOR? How can i read my lines when there are no captions?

Ok, ok, ok, we're going to do this without that; because I am not going to waste my precious valuable time for their inconsiderate pride....hmmm...hmm chm...

...oh, there it is:

“Every year at Dunderhead Sweepstakes they overview all religious buffoonery that has occurred the year previous in the name of Destiny and in the name of Gob. Concerning All Hallows Eve, and just prior the darker half of the Autumnal Equinox, usually within a week of Samhain, this overview of participants who take themselves all too seriously, thinking their false prophet and forms of psuedo-religiousities are going to save any person from hell fire and damnation are in review. Only one contender is chosen from the many participants. This award ceremony is given for one lucky winner and the day of the dead is ceremoniously dedicated to their kult of chumps who have already been cursed with a curse and marked for destruction:

Remember, if it has a duckwalk waddle, and is prone to duck (and cover), it probably is a quack religion..


In years past, this dubious purple demon kewpie doll Anathema Award has been held by only the most notorious of kults, whose mind control techniques and manipulations to dupe and deceive exhibit vast improvement above and beyond the previous year. For decades this award has been passed back and forth between the Morons from the Church of Latter Day Satanists and the Jovial-ha Witlesses. This year however, with the morass of new contenders, a group that has remained in the background for years is making more headway and progress in the arte of deception more than these two groups combined. It appears the two predominate contending fractured factions splitting hairs over unimportant riff-raff rabble rousing this year were given a run for their money. So, it should come as no surprise when the winner of the 6013 A.L. Anathema Award is announced and their trolling shill representing comes up on stage to recieve this award...or not, knowing how camera shy these minions of darkness tend to be, the shutter flashes blinding them more than their already blinded eyes can take...not to mention thinking their exposure will somehow make others consider them for what they really are.

As you well know, The Anathema Award is given to only the most deserving of kults, who through their tireless less than worthless attempts to win over those who know better persist anyway.

The judges at Dunderhead sweepstakes, in review of all online cult activities, are looking at not only one factor, but several ingredients which kultnics the world over mix attempting to win people over and into their hierarchy of money grubbing soul stealing mini empyres.

The following components are in review to determine whether they are nominted to win this award:

If they are:
--lying about their identity;
--spending more than 2 hours trolling per day;
--tirelessly working on ways to worm out of their inconsistencies;
--using shills as plants to monitor and promote their agenda;
--mythologizing or denying Jesus as recorded in the Bible;
--over emphasizing or deny the existence of evil or it's entities;
--emphasizing human axheivement over what God has done for all;
--telling others they will never face fire through judgment;
--never admitting they are wrong or confused;
--changing topics to suit their interests;
--emphsizing misinterpreted Bible prophecy;
...and more...so stay tuned in.

The actual techniques utilized are starting to be covered in a thread called: "What Kills the Thrills of Shills". (http://www.biblewheel.com/forum/showthread.php?5223-What-Kills-the-Thrills-of-Shills&)
(Click on that link if you're curious. That game is just beginning.)

So without further adieu, from out of the blue and into the black, earmarked for the raging eternal lake of fire, give a swelling round applause for the Dunderhead Sweepstakes 6013 Anathema Award winning incipient dissonant selfs just budding, the illustrious "David M", currently a promoting plant of and for the CrystalInfidelphians in this very Acfopolis.

Give it up...three cheer, a toast, and all that bloody rot.


10-24-2013, 02:38 PM
We thought it best to notify the audience we found the Dunderhead Sweepstakes dubious purple demon kewpie doll Award trophy. We repeat, it has been recovered.

It was hidden away because the Crystalian SciFientologist hid it in Grafton, Pere Marquette State Park to be exact. With the assistance of some trusty water witchers we walked with them from Principleian College, dowsing all the way to the top of a hill overlooking the mighty Mississippi River several miles from where this "dubious purple demon kewpie doll" Dunderhead Sweepstakes Anathema Award iconic trophy was supposed to be. I don't know what you think, but from Elsah to Grafton is quite the walk.

Just shows to go ya, you can't even trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em.


10-25-2013, 06:21 AM
Halloween is closing in with spectreal delights nipping on it's heels this Samhain season. The Dunderhead Sweepstakes Anathema Award ceremony this year, though not exactly coming off without a hitch...we eventually managed to get the dubious purple demon kewpie doll trophy to the UK CrystalInfidelphian Headquarter in time for their milk and cookies celebration commemorating the Twig D'vdiaM's, who, were it not for the tireless unceasing efforts of the pseudononymous "David M." in this very B.W.F.A.™ arena, the odds of winning the Dunderhead Sweepstakes Anathema Award would have remained a mere pipe dream.

We here at Dunderhead salute every Cyberpimp merchandising: aquiring the souls of Hot Vessel Cadavers everywhere, and marketing their latest makes and models of mindless zombiefied vampirrific psychic cyberwhores.

Considering the CrystalInfidelphians now holding the D.S.S.A. 6013 A.L. Award, we searched the archives and recovered celluloid film of an old silent movie reinactment portraying the animation of the zombified Hot Vessel Cadaver, "David M." by Dr. Thomas.

FYI and viewing pleasure, we at Dunderhead aim to entertain you in commemorating this years Anathema Award winning Cyberlebrity.

We hope you enjoy this rare film footage rockumentary as interesting now as the day it was made.
Would somebody get the lights? ...and without further adieu, we present to you, "Living Dead Girl:



10-31-2013, 11:49 PM
Hir ways are not not understood.
Hir kult is not not understood.
Hir manipulative methods in our forum are not not understood.

What shall be done about this is neither not not cared to be given anything but a passing glance,
If not not that neither.


11-03-2013, 08:19 AM
Not mentioning any names:

Finagling Biblical meaning through the use of
The KJV whilst living in Strongsville
and and and so...
Now, let us recognize and remain ever cognisant
Of this supreme misunderstanding
Through reinterpretation into what scripture does not say
By a certain unnamed one.

This same one who
Continues to imply
What Eloheinu reveals of Himself
is not significant enough
:sBo_reflection2:To even consider that Jesus is God.:sBo_reflection2:
Just make up your own God and believe in what you imagine
Is the other side of that equation.

This song is dedicated to this unnamed one who coming to aide of
A certain unnamed compulsive kultist of
Astonishing sociopathological duplicity:
Hir ways are like as a cloud without rain,
Is a windbagging word wrencher to boot.

Two peas in a pod
Exhibiting the same principle in effect
With differing means of displaying this.

?a way that's untrue and a lie?