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An introduction to Israel and Jacob covers such a wide and formative field in the Biblical narrative that it is difficult to decide what should be addressed and what should not. I know we all look at things in different ways. It is helpful for me to try and organize the information in a rough outline. To my way of thinking it provides an overall framework within which I can address the subject one piece at a time. It also allows me to see the macro perspective when necessary without getting tangled up in the details. So for what it is worth here is an outline of my personal look at Israel and Jacob an Introduction. If anyone would like to add to or further explore any of the points in the outline within the context of this section of the discussion I would be happy to do so. It is my intent to move through the outline that Richard has posted one point at time. I know this may seem tedious to some of you but I would like to fully explore this subject from beginning to the end. Hopefully then, when we come to the more pertinent parts of the subject of Israel and the Church I will have a more contextual understanding of the entire subject. Anyway, I hope this explains my intent and reasoning for this discussion.

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Part I – Section A
Israel and Jacob an Introduction

1. Jacob’s parents: Isaac (he laughs) and Rebekah (ensnarer)
2. The birth of Esau (hairy) and Jacob (to supplant)

a.Esau was the first born
b.Jacob was holding the heal of Esau when he was born

i.Jacob maintains this figurative position to Esau throughout most of their relationship
ii. The purpose and lessons of these events

3.The birth right

a.Esau’s character: The implications of his sale of his birthright.
b.Jacob’s character: The implications of his purchase of his brother birthright.
c.Can these character traits be traced into later life?
d.YHWH’s purpose in these events
4.Jacob and Esau’s early life and separation

a. Esau was a hunter
b.Jacob was a dweller in tents
c.Jacob honors his father’s and mother’s desire to take a wife of their own people.

i.Before Jacob is sent away Isaac blesses him with the blessing of Abraham. i.e. that he would inherit the Promised Land.
ii.YHWH confirms this blessing to Jacob near Haran

d.Esau does not obey his parents wishes and takes a wife of the Canaanites
5.Jacob’s times in Haran

a.Jacobs 7 years service to Laban for Rachael
b.The trickery of Laban in substituting Lea for Rachael
c.Jacob serves another 7 years for Rachael
d.The enmity of Lea and Rachael
e.The dynamics of this conflict and its influence on the formation of the 12 brothers (12 tribes)
f.Jacobs revenge: Through an agreement concerning the spotted and stripped flocks of Laban, Jacob acquires a large portion of the flock.
6.Jacobs returns to the Land of his father

a.Jacob takes leave of Laban without notice.

i.Jacob gets a “three days” journey before Laban is aware.
ii.Laban overtakes Jacob after “seven days” pursuit.
iii.Through Rachael the idols of Laban are introduced into the house of Jacob.

b.Jacobs meeting with Esau
7.Jacob the “supplanter” is renamed Israel through whom “God prevails”.

a.Jacob struggles with angel of YHWH
b.Jacob requests / demands? a blessing.
c. Due to the struggle Jacob’s “sinew” is damaged.

8.Jacob in the Land of Canaan

a.Jacob at Shechum
b.YHWH tells Jacob to move to Bethel

i.Jacob commands his people to “put away” the other gods.
ii.Jacob comes to Bethel
iii.YHWH again appears to Jacob and affirms the blessing
iv.Jacob builds an alter to YHWH
v.Jacob comes to Hebron to see his father
vi.The death of Isaac.

9.Jacobs time in the Promise Land

a.Joseph sold into slavery
b.Famine in the Land
c. Israel’s departure to Egypt due to the famine
10. Jacob (Israel’s) sojourning in the land of Egypt

a.Joseph is reunited with his father and brothers
b.Israel in Goshen
c. Israel’s (Jacob’s) death
d.The transference of the name Israel (the person) to Israel the people.
e.Israel and the persecution
f. Moses
g.Israel and the Exodus from Egypt
h.The 40 years wandering
i. The return to the Promised Land
j. Israel’s bones buried in the Promised Land