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09-26-2013, 12:25 PM
MAIDEN VOYAGE by Bob Smith of Foreman
O Jesus! My Lord! The fearful trip is done...
Our vessel's weathered every test; because of you we've won!
Now Heaven's near, the trump I hear, the angels all atwitter,
Anxiously awaiting to see our eyes on heavens glitter.

But O Name! Name! Name!
The one above all others...
Word of God, Emmanuel,
Producing many brothers.

O Jesus! My Counselor! The Captain of the Host!
A different time, a different place, but still you are the most.
Wherever Chance & Circumstance has blown this soulish ship,
You've been there every time to help me with the trip.

But O Walk! Walk! Walk!
Knowing wrong from right...
And Talk! Talk! Talk!
A burning coal for light! A Saving Light

O Jesus! My Saviour! There's some we left behind!
Vessels crashed upon the rocks -- no lighthouse in their mind.
They tried to go it all alone, and sang about the "My Way",
Without the knowledge of your Word--the path to Heaven's High Way.

But O Jesus! My healer!
There isn't any greater...
Father, Son, & Holy Ghost,
In a triple play theatre.

O Jesus! My husband! Could you spare five minutes more?
To let me bait a few more hooks before you shut the Door.
I'll make it quick and try to pick the ones who'll follow through...
Believing in the Ark you sent, and signing on as crew.

But O Love! Love! Love!
Surname for a maiden's prayer,
Who leaves her father's residence, in search of Heaven's fare.
With Him she'll share a brand new life, and learn to be a fruitful wife..
No more desire for raising Cain, 'Cause her Lord is coming back again!!

Inspired by Walt Whitman's "Captain, My Captain"..