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07-25-2013, 08:14 AM
I find this extremely disturbing (what could it mean)?

One of the most remarkable numbers in S:E:G:, 74, can also be derived from 26, whose prime factors are 2 and 13. If we replace them with the 2nd prime1 and the 13th prime, respectively, we get 2 × 37 = 74. The number is also related to 159 (the value of twenty-six), for 15 + 59 = 74. In S:E:G:, g = 7 and d = 4 — so, just as 26 is the value of God, the digits 7-4 suggest G-d, the respectful spelling used by some Jews. The following words and phrases further identify 74 as a number of God.

It's God. = 74
Great I Am = 74
heavens = 74
chariot = 74
clouds = 74
elevated = 74
greater = 74
wiser = 74
parent = 74
ruler = 74
the king = 74
Dei gratia = 74
theism = 74

Besides being a secondary number of God, 74 is S:E:G:'s number for Jesus. At least four different forms of Jesus' name add up to 74 in S:E:G:. The Jesus of the New Testament and the Joshua of the Old are actually two versions of the same Hebrew name, which can be written in English as Y'shua. This name is also sometimes written as the Pentagrammaton (יהשוה, the Tetragrammaton plus the letter shin), which can be transliterated as IHShVH (this is the spelling favored by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). All have the same value in S:E:G:

Jesus = 74
Joshua = 74
Y'shua = 74
IHShVH = 74

In Greek gematria, Ίησους = 888, which is a multiple of 74 (74 × 12 = 888).

And let's not forget Lord Buckley's name for Jesus of Nazareth.

the Naz = 74

Christians see Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, and they believe that he was the Son of God, both fully human and fully divine.

Jewish = 74
Messiah = 74
Son + God = 74
God and a man = 74

Jesus was a preacher who taught in parables. Near the end of his ministry, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

preacher = 74
parables = 74
donkey = burro = 74

Jesus begged to be spared crucifixion, which he compared to a bitter cup, but in the end he was obedient to his Father. The killing of Jesus on the cross was brutal, but he forgave his executioners. His last words, according to John, were "It is finished."

bitter = 74
obedient = 74
killing = 74
cross = 74
brutal = 74
forgave = 74
finished = 74

The story of Jesus is recorded in four books of the Bible: "The Gospel according to St. Matthew," "The Gospel according to St. Mark," "The Gospel according to St. Luke," and "The Gospel according to St. John."

gospel = 74
according = 74
to St. = 74

Last but not least, Jesus' birth is now a major holiday — Christmas, "the season to be jolly."

holiday = 74
jolly = 74

(All you war-on-Christmas types, who see creeping secularism in the use of "holiday" as a euphemism for Christmas, take comfort in S:E:G:!)

But Jesus is not the only Bible character whose number is 74. Although 74 × 12 = 888, the number of Jesus in Greek gematria, 74 × 9 = 666, the number of the beast! Not only that, 74 is also the value of 666 in Roman numerals.


A number of other Satanic words have the same value.

Lucifer = 74
abominable = 74
accursed = 74
evil god = 74
fiendish = 74
horns = 74
old goat = 74
tempt = 74

Because 74 is the number of God and Christ as well as of the devil and the antichrist, there is more than one way to interpret the following equivalences.

tarot = 74
occult = 74
Muhammad = 74

Are tarot cards and other occult traditions good or evil? Was Muhammad a true prophet or a false one? S:E:G: fits with either interpretation. (It also fits with my uncle's theory that Lucifer, Jesus, and Muhammad are three incarnations of the same being.)

It's also worth drawing attention to the fact that tarot = cross = 74 — a nod to Whitley Strieber's system of tarot symbolism as detailed in his book The Path. He claims that his system, which involves laying out 26 tarot cards (the 22 trumps, plus the 4 aces to represent the 4 suits) in a cross-shaped pattern, was revealed to him by a mysterious character whom he calls the Master of the Key.

the key = 74

Even the fact that Strieber uses 26 cards to represent the full 78-card deck is reinforced by S:E:G:, in which, as you will recall, twenty-six = seventy-eight. Strieber's putting an entire suit on the same footing as a single trump card is also instructive. If each of the 26 cards in the cross were expanded into a full 14-card suit — creating such cards as the Ace of Chariots, the Seven of Fools, and the Knight of Temperance — there would be 364 cards in all. That's the 12th tetrahedral number, just as 78 is the 12th triangular.

the majestic twenty-six-suit deck = 364
fourteen layers of twenty-six = 364

But, getting back to 74 — being such a powerful number, closely associated with both God and Satan, both Christ and antichrist, it's supremely appropriate that it should also be the number of Simple English Gematria itself.

Simple = 74
English = 74
Gematria = 74

Richard Amiel McGough
07-25-2013, 02:25 PM
I find this extremely disturbing (what could it mean)?
In my estimation, it is completely meaningless. Any arbitrary association of letters and numbers will yield long lists of random hits like that. They are meaningless.

07-29-2013, 09:48 AM
latin signs are not really countable :o)
also greece signs of elder christianity are only countable, if they are regrown to aramaic*, the speech of our master joschua.
*like hebrew, but with other rules of hearing sounds and writing them in holy signs.